Katarina (given name)

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Gender Female
Word/name Russian
Meaning pure
Region of origin Moscow
Other names
Related names Katherine, Catherine

Katarina is a feminine given name. It is the standard Swedish, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, and Slovenian form of Katherine, and a variant spelling in several other languages.[1] In Croatia, it is the fourth most common female given name, or third if combined with the short form Kata,[2] and in Serbia it is within the 10 most popular names for girls born since 1991.[3] It may refer to:

In acting:

In royalty:

  • Katarina Eriksdotter, the daughter of the Swedish king Eric the Saint
  • Katarina Stenbock, the third and last consort of Gustav I of Sweden and the Queen of Sweden
  • Katarina Kosača-Kotromanić, was Queen of Bosnia as the wife of King Stephen Thomas, the penultimate Bosnian sovereign

In sports:

In other fields:

In fiction:


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