Katarina II (album)

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Katarina II
Studio album by Katarina II
Released 1984
Recorded studio "Akvarius", Belgrade, end of December 1983
Genre Post-punk
Producer Đorđe Petrović
Katarina II chronology
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Ekatarina Velika
(1985)Ekatarina Velika1985

Katarina II is the first studio album by the Serbian rock band Ekatarina Velika, released in 1984. The band was called Katarina II at the time of its release, but changed the name to Ekatarina Velika, and has continued to work under that name until the end. The band had started recording the album in Belgrade (in a studio owned by producer Enco Lesić), but due to various problems (accidental re-recording of their tapes) it was finally released by the Slovenian label ZKP RTLJ (RTV Ljubljana). The album was produced by Đorđe Petrović. The guest stars were Mario Čelik (on congas) and Jurij Novoselić (on saxophone) from the Croatian new wave band Film.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Aut" ("Out") M. Mladenović Ekatarina II 3:47
2. "Vrt" ("The Garden") D. Mihajlović Ekatarina II 3:43
3. "Platforme" ("Platforms") D. Mihajlović Ekatarina II 3:01
4. "Radostan dan" ("Joyful Day") M. Mladenović Ekatarina II 4:06
5. "Geto" ("Ghetto") M. Mladenović Ekatarina II 4:57
6. "Treba da se čisti" ("Should Be Cleaned") M. Mladenović, D. Mihajlović Ekatarina II 3:32
7. "Ja znam" ("I Know") M. Mladenović Ekatarina II 3:09
8. "Kad krenem ka..." ("When I Move Towards...") M. Mladenović, M. Stefanović, B. Pečar Ekatarina II 4:59
9. "Treba da se čisti II" ("Should Be Cleaned II") Instrumental Ekatarina II 2:48
10. "Jesen" ("Autumn") M. Mladenović Ekatarina II 4:58


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