Katarzyna Branicka

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Katarzyna Branicka
Winterhalter Katarzyna Potocka.png
Katarzyna Potocka by Franz Winterhalter
Coat of armsKorczak coat of arms
Born(1825-12-10)10 December 1825
Luboml, Volhynian Governorate, Russian Empire (now in Ukraine)
Died20 September 1907(1907-09-20) (aged 81)
Krzeszowice, Grand Duchy of Kraków, Austria-Hungary (now in Poland)
Noble familyBranicki
Spouse(s)Adam Józef Potocki
Róża Potocka
Artur Władysław Potocki
Zofia Potocka
Maria Potocka
Wanda Potocka
Andrzej Kazimierz Potocki
Anna Maria Potocka
FatherWładysław Grzegorz Branicki
MotherRóża Potocka
Korczak CoA

Countess Katarzyna Branicka, Katarzyna Potocka, née Branicka Korczak coat of arms (1825–1907) was a Polish noblewoman and art collector. Through her paternal grandmother, Aleksandra Branicka, she was a putative great-grandchild of Catherine the Great.[1] She had two sisters and four brothers, the eldest of whom was the French exile, financier and philanthropist, Count Xavier Branicki.[2].

She married Count Adam Józef Potocki on 26 October 1847 in Dresden. Chopin dedicated his Waltz in A-flat major to her. It was the last waltz by Chopin to be published in his lifetime. She was said to have been a great beauty and the subject of several portrait artists, including in 1854, the German painter, Franz Winterhalter.


Jennah Karthes de Branicka, the German TV Middle East reporter, who also has Lithuanian ancestry, is among the last actual descendants of the Branicki family who are associated with immense wealth and infamy in Polish history.


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Further reading[edit]

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Katarzyna Potocka (1850) by Ary Scheffer, National Museum, Warsaw