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Katata Station (堅田駅 Katata-eki?) is a train station in Ōtsu, Shiga, Japan.



Mangetsu-ji Ukimidō, overlooking Lake Biwa

The temple of Mangetsu-ji, noted for its "floating hall" Ukimidō, is accessible by bus ride from the station. On weekends there is a direct bus, while on weekdays the temple is a short walk from the nearest bus stop.

Stations next to Katata[edit]

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Kosei Line
Hieizan Sakamoto   Special Rapid Service   Ōmi-Maiko
Ogoto-onsen   Rapid Service   Ōmi-Maiko
Ogoto-onsen   Local   Ono

Coordinates: 35°07′16″N 135°54′55″E / 35.1212°N 135.9152°E / 35.1212; 135.9152