Kate Corrigan

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Kate Corrigan
Kate Corrigan by Guy Davis
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
First appearance Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August (1994)
Created by Mike Mignola
In-story information
Full name Katherine Corrigan
Team affiliations B.P.R.D.
Abilities Extensive folkloric knowledge

Professor Katherine "Kate" Corrigan is a fictional character from the Dark Horse Comics universe, featured in the comic book series Hellboy and B.P.R.D. written by Mike Mignola, et al. Her appearance is based on Mignola's wife, Christine.[1]


Dr. Kate Corrigan first appeared in The Wolves of St. August (set in May 1994) as a foil to Hellboy. She is described as a professor of history at New York University (specializing in folklore) before she joined the B.P.R.D. in 1984 as a consultant. She is said to have written sixteen books on folklore and occult history, including the confessions of Isobel Gowdie. In it, she and Hellboy investigated the mass murders in the small European village of Griart. Kate uses her extensive knowledge of folklore to deduce that the village must be St. August and that the killings are being performed by werewolves. She encounters her first ghost on this mission, as well as a werewolf that nearly kills her before being slain by Hellboy.

Corrigan was promoted to a regular cast member of B.P.R.D. during the Plague of Frogs arc. In the book, she serves as the special liaison to the 'enhanced talents' agents, or those that command superhuman abilities. These include such prominent characters as Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and Johann Kraus.

Corrigan was the featured star of the mini-series B.P.R.D.: The Universal Machine. Seeking to restore Roger the homunculus to life, Kate was captured by an ageless marquis who wished to trade her for Roger's corpse. She was able to escape by destroying a ring belonging to King Solomon, which held the demon Marchosias in thrall. The demon razed the marquis' treasures and carried him off to Hell. Kate barely escaped with her life, her mission a failure.

Kate has appeared as a supporting cast member in most of the modern-day B.P.R.D. mini-series.

In other media[edit]

  • Kate also appeared in the sequel Hellboy: Blood and Iron but had a much smaller role and only briefed the agents on their mission. She was once again voiced by Peri Gilpin.