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Kate Langbroek
Kate Langbroek.jpg
Born (1965-08-08) 8 August 1965 (age 50)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Style TV & Radio Presenter
Country Australia

Katherine Elizabeth Wilhelmina Beuving Langbroek (born 8 August 1965) is an Australian television and radio personality of Jamaican, Jewish and Dutch heritage. She was a radio announcer on the 3RRR programme Breakfasters[1] and has been a panelist for Network Ten's talkshow The Panel.

Langbroek currently hosts Hughesy & Kate with Dave Hughes on the KIIS Network, and will next be seen as the host of the Nine Network's upcoming home show, Unreal Estate.


Langbroek previously co-hosted Hughesy & Kate Breakfast Show on Melbourne's Nova 100 radio station, with Dave Hughes. A regular segment of the program is called 'Katie Cracks It' in which she talks about whatever has made her angry over the past few days. On 10 September 2013, Langbroek and on-air partner Dave Hughes announced that 2013 will be their last year of breakfast radio together.[2]

Kate previously worked as an actress (appearing in soap opera Chances and in a Transport Accident Commission Community Service Announcement); and as a script writer for Neighbours.

Langbroek was a competitor in Dancing with the Stars in 2006. She was eliminated in Episode 8.

She also competed in, and won, the weekly Thank God You're Here challenge on the Ten Network on Wednesday, 18 July 2007.

Kate was also a guest on, and won, the quiz show Out of the Question, for the episode airing on Thursday 28 February 2008. Her name was engraved on the 'Out of the Question' trophy, alongside the likes of Ed Kavalee and Tony Moclair.

Langbroek has also been a guest co-host on Network Ten's morning show The Circle.


Langbroek is married to Peter Allen Lewis, and is the mother of four children, Lewis Jan, Sunday Lil, Art Honore and Jan Allen.[3] She breast-fed live on The Panel shortly after the birth of her first son, Lewis.[4] Her brother is John-Paul Langbroek, a Queensland state politician and former leader of the Liberal National Party.

On 8 August 2013, Langbroek revealed that in March 2013, her eldest child, Lewis, had received the 'all clear' after a three and a half year battle with leukaemia. The family had chosen not to share on the radio Lewis' battle with cancer.[5]


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