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KateModern (logo).jpg
GenreVideoblog, Drama, Comedy
Created byMiles Beckett
Greg Goodfried
Directed byMiles Beckett
Luke Taylor
Gavin Rowe
StarringAlexandra Weaver
Tara Rushton
Ralf Little
Jai Rajani
Giles Alderson
Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty
Sam Donovan
Matthew Gammie
Emma Pollard
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes312
Executive producer(s)Miles Beckett
Greg Goodfried
Joanna Shields
Amanda Goodfried
Producer(s)Pete Gibbons
Kelly Brett
Production location(s)London, England
Editor(s)Yusuf Pirhasan
Running timeVaries
Original networkBebo
Original releaseJuly 16, 2007 –
June 28, 2008
Related showsLonelygirl15
LG15: The Resistance
LG15: The Last
LG15: Outbreak
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KateModern was the sister series of lonelygirl15. The series, which was announced on July 16, 2007, began filming on July 9 and the first video, Fight and Flight, was released on July 16. The show is produced by EQAL in partnership with Bebo. It ended on June 28, 2008, slightly less than a year following its original release.

KateModern is set in East London, England, and bears many similarities to its parent series. Both Kate and Bree are avid video bloggers and carry a dark secret. The series takes the ongoing story from the lonelygirl15 series, transposing it against a London backdrop. Major plot lines and story arcs are related between both series. Several characters from both series have communicated with each other, and a formal two-week cross-over was run between them in April 2008.

There is an alternate reality game component of the series as well.

KateModern was the second interactive online series developed by LG15 Studios. Like lonelygirl15, KateModern included product integration as an original marketing solution.[1] KateModern was the first truly interactive show online, which utilizes the tools available on Bebo to help fans interact.

KateModern videos first appeared on Bebo and lg15.com, then with a delay of at least 24 hours on YouTube. Ratings for the show's first season were extremely successful, and it continued to rise in popularity in its second. See ratings below.

The title is a pun on the famous London art museum, the Tate Modern.


Season 1: (2007)[edit]

Season one followed a young avid blogger, Kate, and her friends as she discovers the truth behind the meaning of her abnormal blood type "trait positive" and the secret organization after it. This was from the creators of lonelygirl15, the extremely popular online internet video-log. In its first season, it garnered more than 1.5 million viewers a week,[2] receiving over 35 million views between the time of its launch and the season one finale, according to its producers.[3]

Season 2: (2008)[edit]

Season two continued the adventures of Kate's friends as they try to discover who killed Kate in the season 1 finale. It rose in popularity, at one point garnering up to 2.5 million viewers a week.

A twelve-hour marathon entitled "Precious Blood" took place on April 5, 2008 in which viewers could give advice to Charlie and the other characters. Despite the show's popularity, the creators decided to cut the series off at the culmination of its second season with a second twelve-hour marathon entitled "The Last Work" on June 28, 2008.

Cast of characters[edit]

  • Alexandra Weaver as Genevieve "Kate" Strathcorran, a young artist from London who was tracked by the Order for her blood. She is seduced into joining the Order by her idol, and is ultimately murdered when she escapes from the Order and leaves her friends, trying to help the other trait positive girls.
  • Tara Rushton as Charlie, Kate's best friend who almost loses everything she has in order to protect her loved ones from the Order. Originally from Australia, she struggles with homesickness and often references Australian culture.
  • Ralf Little as Gavin Taylore, a love interest of Charlie who blames Kate for his mental breakdown after his life begins to fall apart. He and Tariq started a software company whose chief product broke several privacy laws and was stolen by Lee.
  • Jai Rajani as Tariq Bhartti, Kate's ex-boyfriend who tries to remove himself from her dangerous situation. After Kate is murdered and the company fails, he gives up on his life in London and flees to India to get a fresh start.
  • Giles Alderson as Steve Roberts, a member of the Hymn of One who befriends Kate and later Charlie. He initially refuses to believe in the existence of the Order, but later turns against them after discovering that they were behind Kate's death.
  • Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty as Julia Cowan, Tariq's ex-girlfriend who is drawn into his battle against the Order. Falling for a high-ranking member of the Hymn of One, her loyalties are tested and she ultimately betrays the K-Team.
  • Sam Donovan as Lee Phillips, An intern for GT&T who stole Tariq and Gavin's software in revenge for the abuse they inflicted on him. Later on, he makes amends and joins forces with the K-Team, and his love interest Sophie, against the Order.
  • Matthew Gammie as Terrence, GT&T's investor who initially battled the Order to obtain stolen software, but later joined forces with them when an opportunity arouse to achieve money and power, even through gristly acts of violence.
  • Emma Pollard as Lauren, a young trait positive girl whose sister was murdered by the Order. In retaliation, she joins forces with the FTO and takes the fight to them, and later must deal with the consequences of her actions.


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