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Kate Rew (born 11 September 1970) is an English journalist and author who founded the Outdoor Swimming Society. Rew lives in Frome, Somerset.

Early life[edit]

Rew grew up on her family's dairy farm in Devon, where she developed her love of wild swimming in the River Culm.[1] She attended the University of Oxford.[2]


Rew is known for promoting wild swimming and nude swimming.[3][4]

Rew worked as a freelance journalist, writing for The Guardian,[5] The Times, Evening Standard, Grazia, ELLE and The Sunday Times.[6]

Rew founded the Outdoor Swimming Society in 2006. Her book "Wild Swim" became a bestseller. She has featured in several TV and radio documentaries, including an episode of BBC Radio 4 programme Wilderness journeys,[7] The Diving Venu[8] and three episodes of Coast on BBC TV.[9] The news and lifestyle periodical Monocle magazine named her as one of its 20 "heroes who deserve a bigger stage worldwide".[10]


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