Katembri language

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Native to Brazil
Region Banzaê & Quijingue, to Guyanese border
Extinct (date missing)
Katembri–Taruma ?
  • Katembrí
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None

Katembri (Catrimbi [sic], Kariri de Mirandela, Mirandela) was a divergent language of northeastern Brazil that appears to be distantly related to Taruma (Kaufman 1990).

It is known only from 100 words collected in the early 1960s from an elder with vague memories of the language.

Other languages with this name[edit]

Xukuru-Kariri is a variety of Xokó, which may be a Kariri language. The name Kiriri is shared by Dzubukuá, another Kariri language, and by Xukuru.


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