Katharina Treutler

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Katharina Treutler

Katharina Treutler (born in Erfurt) is a German pianist.[1]


Born in Erfurt, Treutler performs in Europe, Asia and the USA[2][3] - solo and with orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra[4] the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. She has won several international prizes.[5] and studied in Hanover,[6] Tokyo, Paris, Madrid and Freiburg[7] Since 2016 she has been teaching at the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig.[8][9]

Her professors were Bernd Goetzke, Jacques Rouvier, Dmitri Bashkirov and Eric le Sage.[10]

She has performed at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam,[11] the Bunka Kaikan Hall Tokyo[12] and the Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco.[13]

Recordings / Publications[edit]

  • 2010: Brahms Piano concerto no. 1 with the German Pediatrician’s Orchestra[14]
  • 2013: Journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: "The influence of chronotype on making music: circadian fluctuations in pianists’ fine motor skills":[15]
  • 2015: Final Symphony with the London Symphony Orchestra[16]

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