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Kathelin Gray is an American producer, director, writer, curator and artist working across many forms. She has co-founded numerous projects which integrate ecology, science and culture.

Gray was a founder of the Institute of Ecotechnics in 1970 (incorporated in London in 1985) of which she is a director. The Institute was formed to initiate and develop the new discipline of Ecotechnics which focuses on harmonising Ecology and Technology by means of hands-on educational programmes and demonstration projects/products.

Gray is a member of the creative curatorial team of Eden Project International, based in Cornwall, UK, with projects worldwide.

Gray worked on the Biosphere 2 closed ecological system experiment in Arizona. She was on the Board of Directors for Biosphere 2. As Biospherian Trainer she researched small group behaviour in extreme environments and conducted workshops in group dynamics, speech and movement for the eight men and women who lived sealed inside the structure for two years.

Gray has long term participation in the creation and work of the Research Vessel Heraclitus, a 25-meter ferrocement Chinese junk. Since 1975 its multicultural crew of explorers, researchers and artists have sailed the vessel over 270,000 miles, in every sea except the Arctic. She initiated a project based on the Heraclitus, a three-year expedition to study the changing port cultures of the Mediterranean entitled Lives and Legends of the Mediterranean Sea.

Gray co-founded the October Gallery in 1978, a charitable trust centred on an avant-garde, multicultural art gallery in Bloomsbury, London.

Gray was co-founder and artistic director of the Theater of All Possibilities from 1967 to 2009, which developed performances and strategies for long-duration art projects that, in some cases, spanned decades. It was based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and toured worldwide for 18 years. In 2009, with John "Dolphin" Allen, she co-founded the performance research initiative THEATRRR (Theatre for the Reconstitution of Reality).

She was a friend and associate of writer William Burroughs and is a consultant to the William S. Burroughs Trust.

She has produced and consulted on music and film, including Ornette: Made in America (1985), directed by Shirley Clarke, a documentary featuring jazz musician and Free Jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman,[1] and Visitors, writer/director Godfrey Reggio’s 2013 film about the relationship between mankind and technology. Gray consulted for ECM Records in the early 80s.

Gray is a Fellow of the London Institute of Pataphysics.


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