Katherine DePaul

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Katherine Lynn DePaul
Born 1972
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Other names Katherine DePaul
Occupation Record executive, Artist manager
Known for Manager for Judy Collins

Katherine Lynn DePaul (born 1972) is an American talent manager, born in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. DePaul is married to manager Eivind Brydøy.[1] She has been working with Judy Collins since 1993.[2] In 1999, she set up Wildflower Records with Judy Collins and has been managing director for the company[3][4] until today. She has produced the TV concert of Judy Collins at the Metropolitan Museum of Art shown on PBS Autumn 2012. She was the executive producer of the Judy Collins concert in September 2013 at Dromoland Castle, Ireland aired on PBS Spring 2014.

DePaul holds a bachelor's degree in Art History from Fordham University.

Before working with Judy Collins, she was a Senior Project Director at Skyline Architects and Designers in New York City.


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