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Katherine Dodds is a Canadian writer, artist, and filmmaker. She is the writer of Picturing Transformation Nexw-áyantsut a book published in October 2013 by Figure 1 Publishing.[1] The book features the photographic artwork of Uts'am Witness Project co-founder Nancy Bleck and was written with Bleck and Squamish Nation Hereditary Chief Bill Williams.

In 2001 Dodds founded the social cause communications company Good Company Communications Inc, which is doing business as Hello Cool World. Dodds is the creative director and strategist behind all Hello Cool World projects. Most known for their work designing the logo and doing the grassroots marketing for the award winning box office hit film The Corporation[2] which had its theatrical launch in January 2004, Hello Cool World is still campaigning on behalf of the film, linking it to movement building to reduce corporate harm. Hello Cool World is now the educational distributor for The Corporation (Directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott), and with Mark Achbar they co-produced a three-part version of the DVD designed for high schools. Hello Cool World is also the Canadian distributor for the award-winning documentary 65_Redroses.[3]

In 1992 Dodds worked as marketing manager for Adbusters magazine, and worked as associate editor from 1992-1997 during which time she gave talks representing Adbusters' work and campaigns. She directed the 'uncommercial' Obsession Fetish, which parody's Calvin Klein, and addressed eating disorders with the tagline "The beauty industry is the beast'.


Dodds studied painting at Uvic in the 1980s, graduating with an honours BFA in 1985. She got an MA with distinction from the University of Leeds, UK in 1998 in feminist theory and the visual arts.


In 2006 Dodds received a "Woman of Vision" Artistic Achievement Award from Women in Film Video Vancouver for her work in multi-media.[4]


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