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Katherine Hoover
Katherine Hoover.jpg
Katherine Lacy Hoover

(1937-12-02)2 December 1937
Died21 September 2018(2018-09-21) (aged 80)
Resting placeCremated; ashes scattered in a place of family significance.
Alma materEastman School of Music (Bachelor of Music in Music Theory)
(Performer's Certificate in Flute)
Manhattan School of Music (Master of Music in Music Theory)
  • Composer
  • Flutist
  • Educator
  • Publisher
  • Author
Years active1959–2018
TitleCo-Founder of Papagena Press (1988)
Spouse(s)Richard V. Goodwin
(m. 1985-2018)
John Christopher Schwab
(m. 1964-1972)
Children1 (son)
  • Samuel Randolph Hoover (father)
  • Katherine Fletcher Lacy (mother)
Musical career
  • flutes
  • piano

Katherine Hoover (December 2, 1937 – September 21, 2018) is remembered by the National Flute Association as an "artist—flutist, teacher, entrepreneur, poet, and, most notably, a distinguished composer".[1] Her work received many honors, including a National Endowment Composer's Fellowship, an Academy of Arts and Letters Award in composition, the National Flute Association's Lifetime Achievement Award.[2]

Her career as a composer began at a time when few women composers earned recognition in classical music in the 1970s.[3] As shown in her list of known work, below, she has composed pieces for solo flute, mixed ensembles, chamber orchestra, choir acapella, full orchestra and many other combinations of instruments and voice. Some of her flute pieces incorporated Native American themes.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Hoover was born in Elkins, West Virginia, on December 2, 1937. Her mother was a painter/artist and editor, and her father was a biochemist. Her family lived in Washington, D.C., then moved to Philadelphia during World War II. She attended school in Philadelphia.[5]

She remembered hearing Mozart's music on a record player when she was three years old.[5] She also recalled reading music as early as four years old,[5] before she could read words.[6] Her parents supported her artistic interests, rescuing a piano being disposed of by a neighbor and starting her at piano lessons at five years old.[5] She began flute lessons at age eight. During this time, she discovered that she had perfect-pitch.[5] During interviews, she has shared she received "mediocre music instruction" during her early years.[7]

Hoover began her academic studies at the University of Rochester in 1955. After two years of general studies she was accepted to Eastman School of Music, where she studied with flutist Joseph Mariano,[8][9] and began studying composition. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and a Performer's Certificate in Flute in 1959.[10] Unfortunately, her composition classes left a bad impression. Hoover comments, "There were no women involved with composition at all. [I got] rather discouraged – being the only woman in my classes, not being paid attention to and so forth."[7]

Hoover attended the Yale Summer Sessions in 1960 and 1961, where she studied flute, theory, and composition. During this time, she also studied with flutist William Kincaid in Philadelphia.[1] She later wrote that she owed " much of her success to her mentor, William Kincaid, teaching her more about music than any other composer".[8]

Teaching career[edit]

From 1962–1969, Hoover taught flute at the Juilliard Preparatory School as well as a few other small schools, including the Third Street Music School.[11] It was at the Third Street Music School that she received her first positive experience as a composer. She was asked to compose a piece for a school concert, a duet for violins, which was very well received.[7] She married John Schwab in 1964.[12] They divorced after eight years.

Manhattan School of Music[edit]

In 1969, Hoover began teaching flute and theory at the Manhattan School of Music. She shared that, as a theory teacher she learned a great deal about compositional techniques,[6] as it forced her to carefully analyze a wide spectrum of music scores. Also, during this time at Manhattan, she continued her graduate studies and received her Master of Music in Music Theory in 1974. It was also where she studied how other people identify with sounds.[13] She was a faculty member of Manhattan School of Music for seventeen years.[14][5][11]

Teachers College, Columbia University[edit]

Hoover became a faculty member at the Teachers College, Columbia University (1984-1989), where she taught theory and composition to graduate students.[11]


The first publication of her work was Three Carols (1972) for choir and flute, published by Carl Fischer.

Hoover was honored as a finalist for the Kennedy-Friedheim Contest's Outstanding New American Chamber Work award (1978). Her successes continued, becoming a finalist once again and being awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Composer's Fellowship (1979).

Of her cpmpositions she wrote "I have feelings of pride for the successes writing works for specific performers using other instruments...Stitch-te Naku for Cello and Orchestra, for cellist Sharon Robinson and [the] Clarinet Concerto, for jazz clarinetist Eddie Daniels.[5]

Hoover co-founded Papagena Press, with her husband (Richard Goodwin, m.1985 ) in 1988 to publish her works. The first piece to be published was Kokopeli (1990), a work for solo flute inspired by the Hopi tribe and the American Southwest. It won the National Flute Association's Newly Published Music Competition (1991). This was Hoover's second of six NFA Newly Published Music awards.[1] She wrote that "Out of all of my achievements in music, I was overcome with the success of Kokopeli."[15]

The composer John Corigliano wrote of her: "Katherine Hoover is an extraordinary composer. She has a wide and fascinating vocabulary which she uses with enormous skill. Her music is fresh and individual. It is dazzlingly crafted and will reach an audience as it provides interest to the professional musician. I do not know why her works are not yet being played by the major institutions of this country, but I am sure that she will attain the status she deserves in time. She is just too good not to be recognized, and I predict that her time will come soon."[16]

Promoting women in music[edit]

Hoover was involved with women's arts organizations and has worked to bring the works of women composers to the public's notice. She began work with the Women's Inter-Art Center in New York (1977). Here she organized Festivals I, II, and III of Women's Music which presented music by fifty-five historical and contemporary women composers.[15][17]

She was the composer in residence for the Fourth Festival of Women Composers at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1996).


Hoover had always written poetry since her youth finding both a striking difference and similarity between music and words. “This Way About”(2015).[18] was her first book of poetry where she shares glimpses into her life.[19]

Honors and awards[edit]

Known works, chronological[edit]















1972 Three Carols C. Fischer, Inc. ch[SSA],fl 500462806 24406874 First published work. Theme, Christmas.
1973 Seven Haiku Papagena Press sop,fl 490721930 26083491
1973 Wings Papagena Press mez,fl,cl,vn,pn 21083846 Performed Dec. 15, 1974, New-York Historical Society
1974 Songs of Joy C. Fischer, Inc. (stab,vo,kbd)/(brass quartet) 190102266 1152939091 Christmas theme
1974 Trio for flutes Papagena Press 3fl 500422742 33025763
1975 Divertimento Papagena Press fl,vn,va,vc / fl,str[trio] 340219829 19003296
1975 Homage To Bartok Papagena Press fl,ob,cl,hn,bn 380233667 41501015 Inspired by Béla Bartók, (1881-1945)
1976 Four English Songs Papagena Press stab,bn,ob,pn 360294460 38201399
1976 Sinfonia Papagena Press bn[quartet] 490380022 878843774 Written for the New York Bassoon Quartet
1976 Two dances fL,ob,gtr 38201372
1977 Nocturne Fantasy Papagena Press fl,hp,str[orch] 991222697 Cataloged by New York Women Composers[29]
1977 To Many A Well Papagena Press mez,pn Cataloged by New York Women Composers[29]
1977 (Three) Pieces for piano Katherine Hoover pn 500381804
1978 Set for Clarinet BoelkeBomart/Schott 2cl 490582966 681438640 Cataloged by New York Women Composers[29]
1974 Trio (1974) Papagena Press vn,vc,pn 500351202 689373475 Finalist Kennedy-Friedheim, 1979
1979 Selima Papagena Press sop,cl,pn 490455942 19254558 Cataloged by New York Women Composers[29]
1980 Suite for Saxophones Papagena Press sax[satb] 490537372 27076481 Cataloged by New York Women Composers[29]
1981 Images Papagena Press cl,vn,pn 390413515 37276876 Cataloged by New York Women Composers[29]
1981 Medieval Suite T. Presser Co. fL,pn // fl,orch[chamber/full] 430321529 756986608
1981 Psalm 23 Papagena Press stab,org/orch[sm] // fL,ob,cl,bn,2hn,str[+] 460325175 30747830 Premiered Cathedral of St. John, NYC
1981 Suite for Two Flutes BoelkeBomart/Schott 2fl 490584722 680287474,
1982 Duo(Six Simple Duets)   BoelkeBomart/Schott 2fl 679993029
1982 From the Testament of Francois Villon Papagena Press bass/bar,bn,str[quartet] 41501023
1982 Reflections BoelkeBomart/Schott fl 480194216 42227877 Variations on a Norwegian chant written outdoors at Artpark, NY
1982 Serenade Papagena Press cl,2vn,va,vc,bn,pn 30393167 Cataloged by New York Women Composers[29]
1982 Aria Papagena Press bn/vc/v,pn // cl,str[qt] 37334345 Cataloged by New York Women Composers[29]
1983 Allegro & Andante Papagena Press pn 20145576 Instructional
1983 Lyric Trio Papagena Press fL,vc,pn 420303326 21065779 NFA Newly Published Music Award, 1994
1983 Pieces for Piano Papagena Press pn 460685867 33945845
1983 Songs of Celebration WC Music Corp. 2satb,kbd brass[quartet] 190087604 Theme, Christmas
1984 Medieval Suite T. Presser Co. fL,pn 430321529 756986608 NFA Newly Published Music Award, 1987
1984 The Last Invocation Papagena Press 2satb 30747827 Inspired by Walt Whitman
1984 Sonata, for brass quintet Papagena Press brass quintet 30580689
1985 Aria and Allegro Giocoso Papagena Press bn/vc/v,pn // cl,2vn,va,vc 310262132 36123853 Aria: c1982, Allegro giocoso: c1985.
1985 (Nuit d'Ete) Summer Night T. Presser Co. fl,hn[F],vn,vn,va,vc,cbn,perc // FL,hn,pn 490579774 681170566 Premiered by New York Concerto Orchestra, Lincoln Center, 1985
1985 Sweet Thievery Papagena Press stab / ch 490712271 30747831 Madrigal in 4 voice.
1986 Eleni: A Greek Tragedy T. Presser Co. [3333 4331 timp,perc,gtr,alto,str] 350150991 1039702763 Tone poem based on Nicholas Gage's book Eleni
1987 Clarinet Concerto T. Presser Co. cl,pn // [2212 1 Sax, 2330, 2 Perc, Str] 330391518 607081234 Premiered by Eddie Daniels Santa Fe Symphony
1985 Qwindtet Papagena Press fl,ob,cl,bn,hn 470085219 21190883
1988 Quintet "Da Pacem" Papagena Press pn,2vn,va,vc 470090767 37276904 Premiered by New Jersey Chamber Music Society, Lincoln Center
1989 Double concerto Papagena Press 2vn, str[orch], (pn) 340367795 21190883
1989 Ritual Papagena Press cl,pn 480215765 27038609
1989 Two Sketches Papagena Press [2223(2) 2210 pn,hp,vc,timp,perc,str] 500427461 42777874
1990 Kokopeli Papagena Press fl // fl, accompanied 410105470 981366319 NFA Newly Published Music Award, 1991
1990 Sound Bytes Papagena Press 2fl 490729905 25826554
1991 Canyon Echoes Papagena Press fl,gtr 330453308 27758942 NFA Newly Published Music Award, 1993
1991 Sonata, for oboe & piano Papagena Press ob,pn 490706135 985585677
1992 Night Skies Papagena Press [4333 6440 hp timp perc str] 440215198 35728503 Inspired by "Landscape with Stars" by Henri Edmond Cross
1994 Stitch-Te Naku Papagena Press [vc solo,2222,4210,pn+vc,tp,2perc,str] 490850676 48771942 Inspired by SW Indian creation story, Grandmother Spider
1995 Central American Songs Papagena Press v[med],fl,perc,pn 331043240 755284130 Inspired by Izok Amar - Go, edited by Zoe Anglese
1996 Three for Eight Papagena Press fl/picc,(2-6)fl[C],afl) 500553413 36123814 Commissioned by the New York and Long Island Flute Clubs
1996 Dances and Variations Papagena Press fl,hp 340381760 PBS Documentary Deborah Novak's New Music
1997 Psalm 100 Papagena Press satb,kbd
1997 The Heart Speaks Papagena Press v,pno 500553413 1098303265 Inspired by poems from Teasdale & Wickham
1997 Winter Spirits Papagena Press fl 530449346 40219789 Premiered by Jeffrey Khaner, NFA Convention, 1997
1998 Echo Songs of Peer LTD stab ch, v[a cappella] 350336924 1103212693 Poem by Christina Rossetti
1998 Kyrie Songs of Peer LTD 12fl,(org/bell) // ch,pn 410130406 48943921 Premiered by Tucson Flute Club, NFA Convention, 1998
1998 Masks Papagena Press fL,pn 430558006 39904429 Premiered by J. Foster & S. Jacob, NFA Convention, 1998
1998 String Quartet Papagena Press 2vn,va,vc 470113689 747546214 Written for Colorado Quartet, 3rd mv is a Hopi lullaby
1999 Blow Thou Winter Wind Papagena Press stab 1256051189
1999 Caprice Papagena Press fl,gtr 330788224 47253307 Inspired by Red Event by James Michael Smith
2000 Quito Suite Papagena Press fL,bn,gtr 470116220 Alt. title: Dizi dance, 3rd mvmt. Mountain and Mesa
2001 Celebration Papagena Press fL, perc // fl[ensemble] 331043222 680171795 Celebrating Joseph Mariano's 90th birthday
2001 Mariposas Papagena Press fL[orch] 430721347 48446562 Loosely based on the emergence and flights of butterflies
2001 Shadows Papagena Press va,pn 663974620 In Memorium 9/11;

Premiered by Marka Gustavsson & Lisa Moore, at Bard 2009

2002 Antics Papagena Press 2fl 310635088 755014926 Premiered NFA convention, 2002
2002 Two Pieces (Fauré) Papagena Press 2fl,pn 893217725 51318813 Re-arranged for modern flute
2002 Requiem Songs of Peer LTD ch[satb],satb[solo],br[choir],perc,org/pn,2speakers 891821567 755191040 Memoriam 9/11, words, Whitman and the Requiem (Latin, English)
2003 At The Piano Papagena Press pn 310719185 55635549 Instructional
2003 El Andalus Papagena Press va/vc,pn 310676561 57467029 Comm. AZ Friends of Music for Sharon Robinson, Premiered 2004
2003 For Peace: Prayer in Time of War Papagena Press women's chorus a capella 1180386449
2003 Peace Is the Way Songs of Peer LTD stab,ch 896870784 1000298821 Inspired by the 2003 invasion of Iraq and a quote from A.J. Muste
2003 Three Sketches Papagena Press pic,pn 500941342 55635512
2004 Peace Is the Way Papagena Press 6fl,(fl),(fl),(fl[+]) 174042913 Inspired by the 2003 invasion of Iraq and a quote from A.J. Muste
2004 Preludes for piano Papagena Press pn 460685885 65209628
2004 String Quartet No.2 Papagena Press 2vn,va,vc 470149007 225935863 Written for the Colorado Quartet
2004 To Greet The Sun Papagena Press fl 501001249 66380518 Premiered by Alexa Still, NFA Convention 2005
2006 Concertante "Dragon court" Papagena Press afl,bfl,(cbfl),15fl,solo: 2fl,fl/pic 334304499 297186178 In memory of Frayda Osten
2006 Collage Papagena Press 2pn Originally noted katherinehoover.com, 4 mvts total
2006 Incantations Papagena Press fch[SSA],fl,perc 390900300 82200548 Mayan women’s poetry; for NY Treble Singers
2006 Turner Impressions Papagena Press [3333,4331,3perc,hp,pn,hpd] 883080613 725342529 Inspired by paintings of J. M. W. Turner.
2006 Two for Two Papagena Press afl/bfl,pn 501001267 701810557
2007 Dancing Papagena Press vn,pn 905827954 Inspired by quote from Ezra Pound, 1972
2007 Line Drawings Papagena Press pn 767817924 Based on work by Saul Steinberg, Premiered by Marian Conti
2008 Dream Dances Papagena Press pn 343574574 Varied dances woven together; premiered by Marian Conti
2008 Passacaglia & Romp Papagena Press 2pn Commissioned by Pianofest premiered 2009
2008 Mountain & Mesa Papagena Press fL,pn 880877968 456187099 Premiered by Mimi Stillman and Jeremy Gill, NFA Convention, 2009
2009 Journey Papagena Press bn,pn 880877969 625311599 For Peter Kolkay
2009 The Word in Flower Papagena Press mez,fl,gtr 740049030 Premiered: Oct 17, 2009, by K. Ciesinsky, B. Boyd, N. Goluseswas
2009 Thin Ice Papagena Press pn 883939769 664680784 Premiere by Marian Conti
2010 Shoes For Two Clarinets And Piano Papagena Press 2cl,pn 880877970 cataloguing in process
2011 Ayres Papagena Press ssax,pn 884491072 818319359 Based on lute songs, English Renaissance composer John Dowland
2011 Clowning Around Papagena Press 4+fl,(afl),(perc) 884431800 884431800 NFA convention, movement choreographed by Zara Lawler
2011 Etudes Papagena Press Flute 884431798 748937764 Mark Sparks, NFA convention, 2015
2011 Toccata Papagena Press Solo Piano 884431799 748937762
2012 Blessing Songs of Peer LTD. ch 904363213 1180386449 cataloguing in process
2012 In Memoriam, Ravi Shankar Papagena Press vn 1048884372
2012 Spirit Flight Papagena Press fl 888935890 892634593 Commissioned by Wendela van Swol, of Cordoba, Spain
2012 Two Preludes Papagena Press fl,vib/mar 886801645 868240801
2013 Five Pieces Papagena Press 3v,v,cl,fl,hn,ob 60044413 Re-arrangement of public domain
2014 Dancing Papagena Press 4fl,perc,afl 905827954 1024248018 Commissioned by and dedicated to Julie Rosenfeld
2015 Four Winds Papagena Press fl,pn/orch,(pn) 892067111 932333515 Premiered by Mark Sparks
2016 Blow Papagena Press ten,bar,ch 880877970 Recorded 4TAY 4048
2019 Canyon Shadows Papagena Press Flute, Native Flute, Percussion 330714384 Posthumously edited by Joanne Lazzaro. Original K. Hoover manuscript 1997. NFA Newly Published Music Award, co-winner, 2020
unknown Sanctus Songs of Peer LTD. ch,pn 904363212 performed and recorded


As a flutist, Hoover has performed other compossers works, as well as her own. The following is a selected list of her recorded performances.

Title Album details Work performed Composer Instrument
Original Broadway Cast "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Release: ©1971 [30]
Label: Decca – DL7-1503
Format: Music LP

  • Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Flute & Piccolo
Music Of Dale Jergenson

Release: ©1977 [31]
Label: Grenadilla Records – GS 1013
Format: Music LP

  • Tanka Pieces
  • Dale Jergenson
  • Flute
Sonata da chiesa

Release: ℗1982 [32]
Label: Opus One – Number 72
Format: Music Album, Vinyl LP

  • Sonata Da Chiesa
  • Daysongs
  • Variations (For Solo Flute)
  • Frank Martin
  • Nancy Laird Chance
  • Ursula Mamlok
  • Flute / Martin
  • Alto Flute / Chance
  • Flute ['C'] /Mamlok
New Music for Flute

Release: ℗1984 [33]
Label: Leonarda Classical Recordings
Format: Music LP

  • The Medieval Suite
  • Reflections
  • Hoover
  • Hoover
  • flute
  • flute
Chaitkin/Moore: Chamber Works

Release: 1981 [34]
Label: New World Records CRI NWCRL519
Format: Music LP,CD,eMusic

  • Summersong/The Sylvan Winds
  • David Chaitkin
  • Flute
Journeys-Orchestral Works by American Women

Release: ℗1987 [35]
Label: Leonarda CD LE-327
Format: Music CD

  • Summer Night
  • Hoover
  • Flute
Kokopeli : Katherine Hoover plays

Release: ℗2001 [36]
Label: Parnassus Records
Format: Music CD

  • Sonata no. 2, in G
  • Sonata no. 4, in A
  • Sonata in G, K. 27
  • Sonata no. 2, in F minor
  • Carmen-Entr'acte
  • Trio of the young Ishmaelite
  • Winter spirits
  • Masks
  • Kokopeli
  • Pleyel
  • J.C. Bach
  • Mozart
  • Abe
  • Bizet-Delsaux
  • Berlioz
  • Hoover
  • Hoover
  • Hoover
  • 1911 wooden flute/Pleyel
  • 1911 wooden flute/J.C. Bach
  • 1911 wooden flute/Mozart
  • 1911 wooden flute/Abe
  • flute/Bizet-Delsaux
  • flute/Berlioz
  • flute/Hoover
  • flute/Hoover
  • flute/Hoover


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External links[edit]

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