Katherine Ramsland

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Katherine Ramsland
Born (1953-01-02) January 2, 1953 (age 63)
Occupation Crime writer
Nationality United States
Genre Non-fiction
Subject True crime, supernatural

Katherine Ramsland (born January 2, 1953) is a non-fiction author and associate professor of forensic psychology. She lived in Michigan until 1971 when she moved to Oregon. Ramland has written 47 books and more than 1,000 articles, mostly in the genres of crime, forensic science, and the supernatural.


She holds a Ph.D in philosophy from Rutgers University, as well as degrees in clinical psychology, forensic psychology and criminal justice.


She has written on the subjects of serial killers, CSI, vampires, forensic science, mass murder, sex offenders and ghosts, and is a regular contributor to Crime Library.[1]

She teaches forensic psychology at DeSales University. Before teaching, she was the director of one of the Clemente programs at Bard College, which assists people without means to get a start in college. She has also worked as a therapist and a crisis counselor, and taught philosophy at Rutgers University.

She has appeared on most of the major TV networks and in The New York Times, and has been a repeat guest with host Ian Punnett on the national radio show Coast To Coast AM. She writes a blog, "Shadow Boxing," for Psychology Today and is a regular contributor to The Forensic Examiner.

She is recorded[by whom?] as a significant reference on the matter of clinical vampirism and is seen on the US cable channel Investigation Discovery on an October 30, 2010 cable broadcast segment on the program American Occult on the matter of John Brennan Crutchley, also known as the "Florida Vampire Rapist."


Her book Into the Devil's Den, co-authored with Dave Hall and Tym Burkey, was named New Mexico Book of the Year in 2008.[2]


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