Katherine Ramsland

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Katherine Ramsland
Born 1953 (age 64–65)
Occupation Crime writer, full professor
Nationality American
Genre Non-fiction
Subject True crime, supernatural
Notable works Confession of a Serial Killer, The Human Predator, The Mind of a Murderer

Katherine Ramsland (born 1953 in Michigan) is an American non-fiction author and professor of forensic psychology. Ramsland has written 60 books and more than 1,000 articles, mostly in the genres of crime, forensic science, and the supernatural.


She has written on the subjects of serial killers, crime scene investigation, vampires, forensic science, mass murder, sex offenders and ghosts, and was a regular contributor to Crime Library.[1]


Her book Into the Devil's Den, co-authored with Dave Hall and Tym Burkey, was named New Mexico Book of the Year in 2008.[2]


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