Katherine Salosny

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Katherine Salosny
Katherine Salosny.jpg
Katherine Salosny in 2013
Katherine Estrella Salosny Reyes

(1964-04-08) 8 April 1964 (age 55)
Santiago, Chile
OccupationActress, TV presenter
Years active1984–present
AwardsCopihue de Oro (2010, 2014, 2015)

Katherine Estrella Salosny Reyes (born 8 April 1964) is a Chilean actress and television presenter.

Early years[edit]

As a child, Katherine Salosny lived with her mother in Mendoza, Argentina. She returned to Chile in her adolescence and attended Redland School for her primary and secondary education.[1]

Television presenter[edit]

1980s and 1990s[edit]

In 1984 Salosny was working as a supermarket promoter, when in September she was cast as the face of the "Pepsi Challenge" campaign. After her advertising debut, in March 1985 she was hired by Universidad de Chile Televisión (Channel 11, now Chilevisión), where she had her television premiere on the program Extra-mujeres, on which she had a youth segment.[2]

Salosny's segment was so successful that it was spun off into a new program, Extra jóvenes [es], of which she was the sole presenter until 1990, when Felipe Camiroaga joined as co-host.[2] During those years, she was a participant in the campaign for the 1988 plebiscite, supporting the "Yes" option that proposed to keep General Augusto Pinochet in power until 1997, appearing in the electoral slot [es] chapter corresponding to 26 September.[3] After leaving Extra jóvenes in 1991, she moved to Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN), appearing mainly on Ene TV and participating in some of the station's other programs.

Due to a lack of projects for her in 1993, she decided to return to Chilevisión for a morning show with Juan Guillermo Vivado [es] and actor Felipe Izquierdo [es]. In turn, she took charge of the show El baile. These two programs did not achieve high ratings, and Katherine Salosny disappeared from television until 1998, when she returned on Canal 2 Rock & Pop [es] to make one of the first Chilean docu-reality shows, Taxi.

Return to TVN[edit]

In 2007, she returned to the media as a panelist on TVN's Buenos Días a Todos and, due to her favorable reception, she was hired to present the program Pasiones [es] in February 2008, during Bárbara Rebolledo's vacation.

In 2009, she debuted an evening program called Digan lo que digan together with the renowned psychologist Pilar Sordo, but it did not receive high ratings and was quickly canceled. Later that year, she hosted the reality show Pelotón before the departure of Karen Doggenweiler, but this lasted only a few days since Tonka Tomicic left Buenos Días a Todo to go to Canal 13.

In late 2010, Salosny had a controversial exit from the morning show, as the channel's executives decided to replace her with the model Carolina de Moras. This generated displeasure from the public,[4] culminating in co-host Felipe Camiroaga being loudly booed at that year's Copihue de Oro awards.[5]

One of Salosny's best-known productions is the docu-reality show Esta es mi familia [es]. In addition, she led the talk show Fruto prohibido [es] together with journalist Ignacio Franzani [es]. During the first quarter of 2013, she hosted Perdidos en la tribu [es] and, once the broadcast was over, she decided to terminate her contract with TVN in order to sign a three-year contract with Mega to be the new host of that station's morning show.

Mucho gusto and Queen of Viña del Mar[edit]

On 2 May 2013, Salosny became the new host of Mega's morning show Mucho gusto, alongside Luis Jara.[6] In 2015 she was a candidate for Queen of the Viña del Mar Festival, presenting herself as the first candidate in the history of the festival to reign with her own song, called "Mi Reina", a cumbia from the Chilean group La Mecha. The same year she won an Enersis Women's Energy Award in the Best Television Host category.[7]

In February 2018 it was announced that her contract with Mega would not be renewed, and that month she left Mucho gusto.[8]

Venture into late show format[edit]

In mid-April 2018, Salosny returned to TVN for the fourth time in her television career.[9] On this occasion, she became the host of No culpes a la noche [es], a nightly late show which premiered on 14 May.[10]

Acting career[edit]

In the theatrical world, Salosny entered the academy of Fernando González [es] to study and begin her career as an actress. She has appeared on TVN telenovelas such as Borrón y cuenta nueva [es], Santo ladrón [es], and Aquelarre, as well as some national series such as La vida es una lotería [es] and Cuentos de mujeres.

In 2011, she appeared in the play Contracciones.[11]


Salosny is a board member of the Fundación para la Confianza (Foundation for Trust) which advocates on behalf of victims of sexual abuse, including those involved in the Karadima case.[1]


TV programs[edit]

Year Title Role Channel
1986 Extra-mujeres Co-presenter Chilevisión
1986–1991 Extra jóvenes [es] Host Chilevisión
1991–1992 Ene TV Host TVN
1993 Aquí Hotel O'Higgins Host TVN
34th Viña del Mar International Song Festival Judge TVN
Usted decide Host TVN
Siempre lunes [es] Special guest TVN
1994 La mañana diferente [es] Host Chilevisión
El baile Host Chilevisión
1998 Taxi Host Canal 2 Rock & Pop [es]
2002 El arca de Noé Host Canal 13
2007 Buenos Días a Todos Panelist TVN
2008 Pasiones [es] Host (replacement) TVN
2009–2010 Buenos Días a Todos Host TVN
2009 Digan lo que digan Host TVN
Pelotón III Presenter TVN
2010 Pelotón IV [es]
Chile ayuda a Chile Telephone operator Anatel [es]
2010–2011 Esta es mi familia [es] Host TVN
2011 Fruto prohibido [es] Host TVN
2013 Perdidos en la tribu [es] Host TVN
2013–2018 Mucho gusto Host Mega
2018–present No culpes a la noche [es] Host TVN


Year Title Role Channel
1998 Borrón y cuenta nueva [es] Valentina Costa TVN
1999 Aquelarre Lorena Meneses TVN
2000 Santo ladrón [es] Marlene Mardónez TVN
2002 Buen partido [es] Silvia Salas Canal 13
2009 Los Ángeles de Estela Herself TVN

TV series and movies[edit]

Year Title Role Channel
1998 Mi abuelo, mi nana y yo [es] Sussy TVN
2003 Cuentos de mujeres Beatriz TVN
2003–2004 La vida es una lotería [es] Sister of Marina/Gloria TVN


  • 2010 Copihue de Oro for Best Woman Television Host[5]
  • 2014 Copihue de Oro for Best Woman Television Host[12]
  • 2015 Copihue de Oro for Best Woman Television Host[13]
  • 2015 Enersis Women's Energy Award in the Best Television Host category[7]


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