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Katherine A. Yelick
Kathy Yelick in front of Hopper Cray XE6
Kathy Yelick in front of Hopper Cray XE6
Thesis Using abstraction in explicitly parallel programs (1990)
Doctoral advisor John Guttag

Katherine Anne "Kathy" Yelick is the associate laboratory director for computing sciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and was formerly the director of the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.[1] She is also an author of many peer reviewed articles and two books. Besides being an author she is also a co-inventor of the Unified Parallel C and a co-developer of the self-tuned library. She obtained her PhD in both electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then became a professor in both fields at the University of California, Berkeley. Currently she is a member of both the California Council on Science and Technology and the National Academies Committee.[2][3] In 2012 she was named as an ACM Fellow and in 2013 she received the ACM Athena Lecturer award.[4][5][6]

Yelick is married to UC Berkeley co-faculty James Demmel who also works in computer science and numerical linear algebra.[7]


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