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The Kathi Darbar is a caste found in the peninsular Saurashtra region of Gujarat, western India.[1]

History and origin[edit]

Colonial British historians consider the Kathi to be an invading foreign Scythian tribe that settled in the Kathiawar region in the second century BC.[2] Kathi fought many battles from the side of Pabuji in Rajasthan[3][full citation needed]

Present circumstances[edit]

The Kathi have two hierarchical divisions, practicing strict exogamy :

  • the Sankhyavat, considered the aristocracy, comprising three clans
  • the Auratia division, with many more clans including Jebaliya, Basiya, Dhandhal, Kamaliya, Dhakhada, Varu, Kotila, Patgir, Bala, Shekhva, Khavad, Gida, Manjariya, Khada, Mala, Jalu, Babariya and Bhicharia. They are found in Kathiawar, Gujarat.[2]

Kathi Darbar are horse lovers and keep Kathiawari horses, which are known worldwide.[4]


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