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Kathia Baba - Contemporary group named after the founder,[1] and following the philosophy of Dvaitādvaita Vaishnava Vedanta of Nimbarka.


In this line of Gurus the 34th Acharya was Sri Harivyas Devacharyaji, from his time the Sampradaya was divided into two parts. The main line of Gurus is continued with his elder disciple Sri Parshuram Devacharyaji. In this Paramapara another Acharya (39th) Sri Nagaji Maharaj came and commenced the divine Vraja Parikrama (circumambulation of 84 Krosha Vraja Dham, the eternal playground of Lord Sri Krishna with His cowherds and Gopis) and was entitled as Vrajavidehi Mahanta (the saint always live Vrajadham and renouncing all of his earthly desires). Till today (last 530 years) this Parikrama is continuing by the Acharya of this sect. In this line of Gurus the 50th Acharya Swami Indra Dasji Kathia Baba had started the method of wearing a solid wooden belt in the waist. It helps the young sadhus to achieve sexual continence and austerity and this ritual has other spiritual values. Till then the saints of this sect are called “KATHIA BABA”. In this line of Gurus three immortal personalities come, namely Swami Ramdas Kathiababa, Swami Santa Das Kathia and Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathia Baba. The 54th Acharya Swami Ramdas Kathiababa, the famous saint was awarded the title of Vaishnav Chatuh Sampradaya Sri Mahanta (Sri Nimbarka Sampradaya) by all the Mahantas and Sadhus of the four Vaishnav Samparadayas. Till the present days the Acharyas of this Sampradaya is entitled by Vrajavidehi Mahanta and Vaishnav Chatuh Sampradaya Sri Mahanta. Presently the revered Guru Maharaj H.H. Swami Rash Behari Das Kathia Babaji Maharaj are honored as the 57th Acharyas of this sect and has carried on all sacred responsibilities of Guruparampara handed by his Guru Maharaj H.H. Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathia Babaji Maharaj.


Dwaitadwita Baad (Doctrine Of Dualism-Non-Dualism)[edit]

There are different interpretations of Brahma Sutra commonly known as Vedanta. These interpretations are nothing but the different ways of reaching the Brahman (the Supreme) and the relationship between Jiva-Jagat and Paramatman (Brahman). Adyacharya Bhagwan Nimbarkacharya is the founder of Dwaitadwita Siddhanta (the Doctrine of Dualism-Non-dualism). Acharyasree has made the first Bhasya (Interpretation) of Bramhasutra in his famous “Vedanta Parijata Sourabha”. His Bhasya is more primitive to the Bhasya of Adi Sankaracharya, Sri Ramanujacharya(the other famous interpreters of Bramha Sutra), etc. In his uncontroversial Bhasya no refutation is present. According to Nimbarka, Brahman (the Supreme, sat-chit-ananda) is infinite, limitless, inconceivable, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, holy, gracious, creator, ruler, destroyer, greatest, supreme power who endowed himself with all essential qualities and power. Acharyasri has explained Jiva as an eternal part (chit knowledge) of Brahman. The relation between Brahman and Jiva, according to Nimbarka is like tree and its branches. Branches have all qualities of the tree but the branches are not tree as a whole. Likewise Jiva is anu (small) having all qualities like Brahman(bibhu-large) but with limited extent. Brahman resides in the heart of Jiva, but Jiva has no realization due to Maya (illusion). This is the basic idea of Dwaitadwita Siddhanta.

Gurupasatti Yoga[edit]

According to Sri Nimbarka Jiva can attain Salvation (realize its proper form) only by obeying the advices of Guru. If one follows the instructions of his/her Guru in an unperturbed, indiscriminate, unopposed manner he/she can attain the Moksha (liberation from all bondages even births and deaths) without observing any other rituals.

Basudhaiba Kutumbakam[edit]

As Jiva is the eternal part of Brahman, so all living beings is the relatives to each other. all should be treated as the children of the divine father. Anybody may appear enemy or friend to any one but it is all apparent. So do not be envious to anyone. Sri Nimbarka has showed the hidden harmony laid in the scriptures in his writings and advised his followers to regard everyone as closely related and be affectionate to all. Universal brotherhood or equality is his message to the world.

Sarve Bhabantu Sukhinah Sarba Santu Niramayah[edit]

Everyone in this world may be happy and free from disease. Another aspect of this verse to enlighten people by the ray of spiritual light and give them taste of real sukh (the ultimate peace)and niramaoy (the liberation from all fears of mortal existence i.e. the Moksha) by spreading knowledge of Srimad Bhagabat, Srimadbhagabad Gita and other spiritual discourses.

Vishuddha Nishkam Seva[edit]

H.H.Ramdas Kathiababa often advised his disciples “Bhajan ka ghar to bahut door, abhi tu seva karta ja” i.e., it is not so easy to concentrate in meditation or japa, therefore prepare yourself by doing selfless service to Jivas.

Naramatram Tarayet Krishna Nama[edit]

According to scriptures, in this Kaliyuga, the only way to emancipate people from stress is to chant the holy name of Lord Sri Krishna. According to Sri Swami Santa Das Kathia Baba if one recites the mantra initiated by Guru whole heartedly he/she must able to be free of all Earthly bondages and attain Salvation.


The aim of “Sri Nimbarka Movement” (all activities of Sri Kathia Baba Charitable Trust), has been put in nutshell in “Attain individual and social emancipation and Salvation through Selfless service, worshipping the lotus feet of “Shyama Shyam Yugalsarkar” and spreading the ambrosia of heavenly messages Sri Nimbarka Bhagwan(Sanatan Dharma)” articulated by our Purvacharyas (former Acharyas) and revered Guru Maharaj.


To give the ideologies a perfect shape through several Sevashrams and Preaching Centers across India and abroad, Sri Kathia Baba Charitable Trust always serves humanity.


Sri Kathia Baba Sevashram Sridham Vrindavan (Headquarters), Haridwar, Puri, Kolkata, Shillong, Siliguri, Guwahati, Tinsukia, Dwarka.

Preaching Centers[edit]

Delhi, Mumbai, Allahabad

International Preaching Centers[edit]

Toronto (Canada), Birmingham (U.K.), Maryland (U.S.A.).

Services to Mankind[edit]

Social Commitment without Politics: Being a spiritual organization aiming at the spiritual upliftment and social emancipation by regenerating moral values, humanity and affection to each other by flooding pure and unconditional love, Sri Kathia Baba Charitable Trust maintains its position above politics.

Truthfulness & Honesty: Sri Kathia Baba Charitable Trust is promised to maintain transparency in receiving and spending the funds, which come mostly from devotees across India and all over the world. With an expert audit committee presided by the Secretary of the Trust audit all the details regularly and make the report available to public.

Selfless Sacrifice: According to our Purvacharyas (Ancestors) selflessness, unconditional love, sacrifice and selfless service to the Jiva (the living being, the eternal part of Brahman) can change the human life to a divine one. The members has learned to merge their personal egos in the collective motivation of the Trust to raise the Nimbarka Vijoy Vaijayanti (the holy flag announcing the glory of divine name of Adyacharya Sri Nimbarka) high in the sky.

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