Kathleen Baldwin

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Kathleen Baldwin
Kathleen Baldwin 2015.jpg
Kathleen Baldwin at the 2015 Texas Book Festival.
Born DOB unknown
Arizona, US
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Period 2003–present
Genre Romance

Kathleen Baldwin (b. Arizona, US) is an American writer of comic romance novels set in the Regency period.


Award-winning author[1] Kathleen Baldwin was born and raised in Arizona, and moved 14 times before high school. The constant moving allowed her to meet many different people from many different backgrounds and areas.[2] She gained a love of reading from her mother, who often read her poems and classic stories before bedtime. Her grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and great-aunts frequently related stories as well, so that a young Baldwin believed that women in general were supposed to tell stories. A voracious reader, Baldwin read at a level beyond her years, and was often excused from English classes to read on her own or to write down her own stories.[3]

After earning a BA in Art and Design, Baldwin worked as a freelance artist for several years, designing models for toys while raising her children. During her early years of writing, Baldwin was able to have some of her nonfiction and poetry published, but continually received rejection notices for her fiction submissions. She quit her freelance work to concentrate on her writing and joined the Romance Writers of America. Finally, after 63 rejection notices, Baldwin found a receptive editor at Kensington Books who purchased her novel, LADY FIASCO,[4] a "Regency Romantic Comedy".[2] The editor requested several more novels, and Baldwin was given a deadline of less than a year to complete two more novels and a novella.[5]

Baldwin is married. She and her husband, Brett, have four children, three boys and a girl.[3] She and her family live in Texas. From 2011– 2012 Kathleen served as President-Elect and President of Dallas Area Romance Authors.[5][6]


Single novels[edit]

  • Lady Fiasco (2003)
  • Mistaken Kiss (2004)
  • Cut From the Same Cloth (2004)
  • Diary of a Teenage Fairy Godmother (2013)
  • A School for Unusual Girls (2015)
  • Exile for Dreamers (2016)

Omnibus in collaboration[edit]


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