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Kathleen Tacchi-Morris (24 January 1899 – 12 May 1993) was the founder of Women for World Disarmament (WFWD).[1] Tacchi-Morris was also a dancer[2] who appeared in several silent movies, including Men Are Not Gods (1936). Her father was the inventor Percy George Tacchi.[3]

Kathleen was born on 24 January 1899 Johannesburg, South Africa[4] and died in North Curry, Somerset on 12 May 1993. Shortly after her birth she and her family returned to England.

Kathleen married Walter A Stagg in December 1936, in Kensington, London. After the end of her first marriage, she married Richard R Morris in March 1945 in Exeter, Devon.

In 1999 the Tacchi-Morris trust donated £1 million together with a £2.1 million grant from the Arts Council to create the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre.[5]

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