Kathmandu Debates

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Kathmandu Debates
Logo of Kathmandu Debates' 2013.png
General Information
Started 2013 by Sano Sansar Initiative
Website www.sanosansar.org/ktmdebates
Key People Sagar Aryal, "Initiator"
Pradeep Ghimire, "Tournament Director"
Focus Karl Popper Debating Championship
Facebook Kathamandu-Debates-Official-Site

The Kathmandu Debates is a high school debating championship led by the youth of the Sano Sansar Initiative. The program aims to provide a platform to encourage young people to engage in social, political, and sustainable economic development issues through the use of the positive aspects of debating.[1]

The 2013 Kathmandu Debates commenced with educational tracks focused on providing knowledge of debating in the Karl Popper Debating Championship Format to the students in Nepal. More than a hundred young, amateur students participated in the debate tournament, organized with support from the American Embassy in Kathmandu.[2] Nepal is one of the countries mostly dependent on remittances. The finals of the debate consisted of the motion "THBT [This house believes that] State should prioritize Foreign Investment to Labor Export as Major Economic Strategy". The final debate took place on February 7, 2013, the 7th Anniversary of the Sano Sansar Initiative.[3]


The Kathmandu Debates Tournament was organized in the KPDC (Karl Popper Debating Championship) Format. Teams were composed of four students accompanied by a debate coach. Due to the lack of debating culture in Nepal and with KPDC being a new style of debate in Nepal, the 2013 Kathmandu Debates held a three-day educational track for the students.[4]