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Adolphe Menjou and Kathryn Carver shortly before their marriage in Paris in 1928

Kathryn Carver (August 24, 1899 – July 17, 1947) was a silent film actress from New York City.

Carver played in motion pictures during a brief career from 1925-1929. She co-starred with Adolphe Menjou in Service For Ladies (1927) and His Private Life (1928).

She was married first to photographer Ira L. Hill. They were divorced in 1927. Carver married Menjou in 1928 and they divorced in 1934. Two years later she wed Vincent Hall who stole all her money.

She had a nervous breakdown after the death of her sister in 1932. She retired from making motion pictures in 1934. Carver asked for a temporary allowance of $2,300 per month from Menjou's estimated income of $15,000, when she sued him for divorce. Carver's top salary as an actress was in 1928 when she earned $500 per week.

Kathryn Carver Hall died in 1947 at Horace Harding Hospital in Elmhurst, Queens. Her residence was at 3505 167th, Flushing, Queens.


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