Kathryn Casey

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Kathryn Casey
Kathryn casey 2009.jpg
Kathryn Casey at the 2009 Texas Book Festival
Occupation Crime writer, novelist
Nationality United States
Period 1984-present
Genre Crime fiction
Subject True crime

Kathryn Casey is an American true crime writer, novelist and journalist. Author Ann Rule has called her "one of the best in the true crime genre."[1] She is best known for writing She Wanted It All, which recounts the case of Celeste Beard, who married an Austin multimillionaire only to convince her lesbian lover, Tracey Tarlton, to kill him. Casey's 11th book, Deliver Us, released January 2015 by HarperCollins, is based on murders along the Texas Killing Fields and Interstate 45.[2] In March 2014, Elle Magazine chose Casey to include along with Agatha Christie, Jane Smiley, Edna Buchanan, Joyce Carol Oates, Gillian Flynn, Ann Rule and others, in a list of "The Ten Best Thrillers and Crime Writing by Women."[3]

Early life and education[edit]

In 1980, Casey moved with her husband to Texas. She attended the University of Houston and earned a degree in journalism.


In 1984, Casey began writing as an intern at the now-defunct Houston City Magazine. She left two years later as a senior editor. Next, Casey worked for two years as editor of Ultra, a regional magazine geared toward wealthy Texans.

Casey then wrote for a national audience, with articles appearing in Ladies' Home Journal, where she was a contributing editor for 18 years, as well as More (magazine), TV Guide, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Reader's Digest, and Texas Monthly. During her more than two decades as a magazine journalist, Casey interviewed celebrities, including movie, television, and recording stars, presidents and first ladies. She covered subjects that ranged from the Oklahoma City bombing, the aftermath of 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina, to infertility and the McCaughey Septuplets.

Many of Casey's articles examined sensational crimes. In the early 1990s, she turned one case, which was the subject of a Ladies' Home Journal article about a serial rapist attacking Houston-area women, into her first book, The Rapist's Wife. After its release, Casey moved away from magazine writing to concentrate on non-fiction, fact-based crime books.

Casey's seventh true crime book covered the Matt Baker case in Waco, Texas, about the Baptist minister who was convicted of killing his wife and staging it to look like a suicide.[4] Baker, sentenced to 65 years, resides in the Allan B. Polunsky Unit, a Texas state prison. Cy-Fair Magazine, upon the July 2012 release of the book Deadly Little Secrets, covered the Baker case and others in a feature article about Casey.[5] The Houston Chronicle also covered the release of the book.[6] Deadly Little Secrets was the inspiration for the film Sins of the Preacher, which aired on the Lifetime television network in September 2013.[7]

Casey then turned to crime fiction. In 2009, Booklist, the publication of the American Library Association, named Casey's debut novel, Singularity, one of the "Best Crime Novel Debuts of 2009" on its Bestseller Lists.[8] The main character in her mystery series is Sarah Armstrong, a Texas Ranger and a criminal profiler. In Singularity, Armstrong travels across Texas hunting a deviant serial killer. Library Journal picked the third in the series, The Killing Storm, as a best book of 2010 in its mystery category.[9]

Casey was a co-founder of Women in Crime Ink, which has been described by the Wall Street Journal as "a blog worth reading."[10]

In July 2011, she wrote an article for Forbes Woman about new options available to authors with the advent of eBooks and self-publishing.[11]

Casey lives in Sugar Land, Texas, with her husband.


In 1995, Casey appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss The Rapist's Wife along with the subject in the title, Linda Bergstrom. In the years since, Casey has appeared on Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Network, Court TV, Biography, Nancy Grace, E! Network, Investigation Discovery and the A&E.

In October 2006, she appeared on The Montel Williams Show to discuss women who unknowingly dated wanted criminals.[12]

She's a regular speaker and panelist at book festivals and events, including the Texas Library Association convention, Southwest Louisiana Writer's Conference, Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend book conference, and the Texas Book Festival.[13]


True Crime[edit]

  • The Rapist's Wife (1995 HarperCollins)
  • A Warrant to Kill (2000 HarperCollins)
  • She Wanted It All (2005 HarperCollins)
  • Die, My Love (2007 HarperCollins)
  • A Descent into Hell (2008 HarperCollins)
  • Evil Beside Her (2008 HarperCollins) a reissue of The Rapist's Wife
  • Shattered (2010 HarperCollins)
  • Deadly Little Secrets (2012 HarperCollins)
  • Deliver Us: Three Decades of Murder and Redemption in the Infamous I-45/Texas Killing Fields (2015 HarperCollins)
  • Possessed: The Infamous Texas Stiletto Murder (2016 William Morrow)

Fiction series[edit]

  • Singularity (2008 St. Martin's Minotaur; the first in the Sarah Armstrong series)
  • Blood Lines (2009 St Martin's Minotaur; the second in the Sarah Armstrong series)
  • The Killing Storm (November 2010 St. Martin's Minotaur; the third in the Sarah Armstrong series)


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