Kathryn Immonen

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Kathryn Immonen
Immonen in June 2011
Born Kathryn Kuder
Nationality Canadian
Area(s) Writer
Notable works
Hellcat, Journey Into Mystery

Kathryn Immonen (née Kuder) is a Canadian comic book and webcomic writer. She has written a number of comic books for Marvel Comics since 2007, in collaboration with her husband Stuart.[1]


Kathryn and Stuart have been creating various webcomics alongside their print work for Marvel comics. Their first webcomic was Never As Bad As You Think, which eventually got published by Boom! Studios in December 2008. The webcomic was followed by Moving Pictures, which saw a print publication by Top Shelf Productions in April 2010. The latter webcomic took on a darker tone than the humorous Never As Bad As You Think, taking place in 1940s France during World War II and starring a Nazi protagonist.[2] The A.V. Club described Moving Pictures as "illustrative of what a major writing talent Immonen really is."[3]

In 2007 Immonen began working for Marvel Comics writing a Hellcat story, with Stuart providing the art, for the first four issues of Marvel Comics Presents.[4][5] This was followed in 2008 by a five issue Patsy Walker: Hellcat mini-series,[6] this time with artist David Lafuente.[7]

In May 2009, Immonen became writer for the Marvel Comics' award-winning series, Runaways with artist Sara Pichelli.[8][9][10]

Immonen and artist Tonji Zonjic are the team behind Marvel's mini-series Heralds, featuring an all-female cast of main characters.[11]

January 2011 saw the release of Marvel Comics new four part mini-series Wolverine and Jubilee, with artist Phil Noto. In 2012, she took over the Journey Into Mystery title with issue #646, transitioning from Loki to Sif as the main character.


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