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Kathryn Kates
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Kathryn Kates [1] is an American actress. She had recurring role on Seinfeld in the episodes "The Rye"[2] and "The Dinner Party."[3]

Early work[edit]

Kathryn Kates is an American actress who began her career in Los Angeles. Kathryn is one of 25 actors (including fellow member John Larroquette) who are Founding Members of The Colony Theatre.[4] Ms. Kates and her colleagues took up residence at The Studio Theatre in the Silver Lake District of Los Angeles. For the next 25 years she along with her colleagues there produced award-winning stage productions. During the first six years of The Colony's existence (1975 to 1981), Kathryn, along with Barbara Beckley, was co general manager of The Colony and together they produced all of the company's plays. She has the distinction of being the only actress to ever play opposite John Larroquette as his mother, lover, and wife: as his mother in Enter Laughing (Cast Theatre, 1974); his wife in A Company of Wayward Saints (Colony Theatre 1978);[5] and his lover in The Lady's Not For Burning (Colony Theatre, 1979).[6] Kathryn also appeared in many other of The Colony's L.A.Drama Critics’ Circle award-winning productions such as The Grapes Of Wrath [7] and Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles (El Rey Theatre with Ed Harris). Over the years, The Colony Theatre has evolved from a small ensemble of actors into a well-established, award-winning, nationally recognized theatre, renowned for high quality productions. It has been listed in the Encyclopædia Britannica Almanac as one of “25 Notable US Theater Companies.”[8]


Kathryn Kates
Kathryn Kates has an extensive list of credits in film, television and off & off-off Broadway theater productions.

Kathryn currently has a recurring role in the Network/Lionsgate series Orange Is the New Black, written by Jenji Kohan, playing Jason Biggs' mother. She was a series lead in the CBS/Showtime pilot Gurland on Gurland, playing Myrna Birnbaum. She also appeared in Reggie Rock Bythewood’s new pilot for the BET network, Gun Hill, as Bora. One of Kathryn's most memorable roles is her recurring appearance on Seinfeld as The Counter Woman in the iconic episodes "The Dinner Party" (1994) [3] and "The Rye" (1996).[2] Other recurring roles have been on the Disney series Lizzie McGuire as the zany neighbor, Mrs. Carrabino (You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire,[citation needed] 2002 and My Fair Larry, 2003,[citation needed] on Pam Am (2011) as the nosy neighbor, Mrs. Luckovich,[citation needed] as June Starr in Judging Amy[citation needed] with Tyne Daly (2003), as Ginny in Caroline in the City, as Mrs. Bowman in Hudson Street (1996), and as Mable Maloney in a two-part Matlock,[9] TV series, The Witness Killings (1991).

Kathryn has worked in film, recently for director Daryl Wein in Lola Versus starring Greta Gerwig, Debra Winger, and Bill Pullman; and for Paul Moshe Mones in Dovid Moyer as Odel, the Orthodox cook. She has also worked with such notable directors as Don Siegel (in Jinxed opposite Bette Midler, 1982 [10]) and Lamont Johnson in the television movie, Life of The Party and The Story of Beatrice (1982) with Carol Burnett. She has received acting awards, Drama Logue Award best actress for her role as Ruby in Marsha Norman's Getting Out (1982), and more recently Best Supporting Actress nomination [11] from the MITF in NYC for her work in Gray Matters as the high-powered agent, Miriam Berger (2010).

Kathryn Kates
Starring with Judd Hirsch as the co-hosts of SMALL MIRACLES a new series by Moshe Mones.

Since relocating to New York City in 2006, she has appeared in over twenty Off and Off Off Broadway productions, has toured Europe (Bucharest, Sibiu and Stockholm) with Saviana Stanescu's Waxing West,[12] and has worked in some of New York's most iconic venues, such as The Public, La Mama Etc., Urban Stages, The Soho Playhouse, The Cherry Lane, and several times on Theatre Row. She was the Palestinian Aunt in the New York Theatre Workshop production of Food and Fadwa, on Theatre Row in Herman Kline's Midlife Crisis,[13] and, most recently starred along with Greg Mullavey and Gaby Hoffmann in The Last Seder. She is currently a company member of Daniel Talbott's Rising Phoenix Rep.[14]

Early life[edit]

Kathryn was born in New York City, the second daughter of Louis Kates and his wife, the actress Madlyn Cates,[citation needed] who is known to millions for her memorable role in the original Mel Brooks movie, The Producers, starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder (1968). Madlyn's role as The Concierge is oft quoted: "I'm not a madame, I'm a concierge", a line which has become as famous as the movie itself. Kathryn's sister, Mallory Kates, is an entrepreneur and her brother, Joshua Kates, is a psychotherapist.


Film & Television Credits
Year Title Role Notes
2013 Lola Versus Long Island Woman Post Production
2013 Orange Is the New Black Amy Kanter-Bloom (TV series) 3 Episodes
2011 Pan Am Mrs. Luckovich (TV Series) Episode, Truth or Dare
2011 Monkey Man Mrs. Howard Film
2010 Rescue Me Gumball's Mother (TV Series) Episode, Gumball's Mother Sanctuary
2009 Lott Oh Gertrude Short Film
2009 Out of The Fog Ludmilla Bashilevsky Film
2009 Check-Up: From the Gently Twisted Life of Michael Kleinfeld Susan Kleinfeld Short Film
2008 Saveta's Gift Looba Short Film
2003 10-8: Officers on Duty Mrs. Berman (TV Series)
2003 The Wild Bunch Mrs. Berman Uncredited
2003 Judging Amy June Starr (TV Series) Episode, Into The Fire
2003 Lizzie McGuire Mrs. Carrabino (TV Series) Episode, My Fair Larry - Recurring Role
2002 Lizzie McGuire Mrs. Carrabino (TV Series) Episode, You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire
1999 - Law and Order SVU Judge Marlene Simons (Season 18 Episode 9 Decline and Fall)
1998 Caroline in the City Ginny (TV Series) Episode, Caroline and the Little White Lies
1997 Asylum Nurse Taylor Film
1997 The Nurse Marsha Harriman Film
1996 Hudson Street Mrs. Bowman (TV Series) Episode, Having My Baby
1996 Seinfeld [2] Counter Woman (TV Series) Episode, The Rye - Recurring Role
1994 Seinfeld [3] Counter Woman (TV Series) Episode, The Dinner Party - Recurring Role
1994 Thunder Alley Nurse #1 (TV Series) Episode, Never Say Die
1991 Teenage Exorcist Maid Film
1991 Matlock Mabel Maloney (TV series), Episode The Witness Killings - Recurring Role
1991 Matlock Mabel Maloney (TV series), Episode The Witness Killings: Part 2
1990 Pastime Ethel Film
1983 The Taming of the Shrew Player 4 Video
1982 Jinxed Miss Nina Film - with Bette Midler
1982 Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice Diedre TV Movie - with Carol Burnett

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