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Kathryn Rose
Kathryn Rose Profile.jpg
Occupation Sales
Social Media & Online Marketing Expert[1]
Notable work
  • Book: Return on Relationship[2]
  • Book: Solving The Social Media Puzzle[3]
Website Kathryn Rose Homepage

Kathryn Rose is an author, entrepreneur, social media strategist, keynote speaker and trainer. She is considered a social media and online marketing expert[1] and has been featured in Guideposts Magazine,[1] Network CEO,[4] and BlogTalkRadio.[5] She has worked with startup and multimillion dollar companies[6] and has been quoted in publications such as MSN,[7] Thomasnet,[6] CBS News Market Watch[8] and regularly on Fox Small Business.[9][10][11] She has also been featured on News 12 Networks and Fox 29 in Philadelphia.[12]

Rose is the CEO and co-founder of the Social Buzz Club, a website that is considered the first online marketing collaboration network for small business owners, bloggers, social media professionals.[2] She is a certified social media trainer and developed MobiReply, the world's first mobile auto-responder, MobiReply.[13] In 2012 she was nominated for the 2012 Small Business Influence Award in the Expert category by Small Biz Trends.[14]

Professional career[edit]

Rose is a former sales vice president for Credit Suisse and was considered one of their top salespeople. She also worked handling mortgage-backed securities as a financial firm. After the mortgage crisis that began in 2007, the department she worked in was shut down. She was eight months pregnant at the time. She taught herself new skills and began publishing books, the first of which was award-winning (The Step by Step Guide to Facebook for Business).[1]

Rose co-founded the Social Buzz Club along with Laura Rubinstein. The company is referred to as content syndication and marketing system that connects marketers and educators to help drive more online traffic by sharing their content.[15] She is also the founder and operator of the consulting firm Kathryn Rose Consulting.[16] The company specializes in search engine optimization and social media marketing and she began the company shortly after her 2007 layoff.[17] Through her consulting firm, she is responsible for building online communities for large and small businesses with over 2.5 million fans, followers, and connections.[5]

Rose is the author of numerous books related to relationship marketing and collaboration marketing. She is a 2 time best-seller for her books Return on Relationship[2] and Solving the Social Media Puzzle. Her book The Parents' Guide To Facebook has also been quoted in other publications including the book The Parent App by Lynn Schofield Clark.[18] She has also written numerous articles on the topic of social media and relationship building with the Examiner.com. Her book Solving The Social Media Puzzle was also listed as one of the Top 20 Best Social Media Books from 2012 to Read in 2013.[3]


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