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Kathy Ryan is an American picture editor who works for The New York Times Magazine.[1][2] She has worked as the director of photography at the magazine for over 30 years, since 1987.[3] Along with her exquisite editing and methods as an art director, she is widely known for her book Office Romance, which began as a personal project where she published photographs of The New York Times Building on Instagram. Her work revolves around the elegant environment of The New York Times building and portraits of her colleagues and those close to her.

During her time as director of photography, Ryan has been recognized in the National Magazine Awards in both 2011 and 2012. Ryan herself has received the Royal Photographic Society's annual award for Outstanding Service to Photography.[4] Ryan also gives lectures on photography and serves as a mentor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.[4]


Ryan studied art and art history at Rutgers University.[3]

Office Romance[edit]

This is a book that captures Ryan's life in the office. It began with a series of photographs posted on Instagram and has become a photo book, with genres such as still life, portraiture, formal abstraction, and architecture. Through this she explores her office using photographs made with her cell phone. The development of her photography can be shown through this book as well, with her transition and combination of several photographic elements. She goes from capturing light in the office to incorporating her office materials as subjects for her photography and then including texture as well. Overall, the book has a sense of personality with the personal photos capturing her work life and the poetic literature that captions it.[5]

Director of Photography, The New York Times Magazine[edit]

Ryan has worked for over thirty as director of photography at The New York Times Magazine. Untypically, She has employed younger, not as widely known, photographers for large commissions. Ryan first introduced videos along with photography and eventually also virtual reality.[6]



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