Kati Apo Mena

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Kati Apo Mena
Κάτι Από 'Μένα
Sakis Kati Apo Mena.jpg
Studio album by Sakis Rouvas
Released 3 December 1998
Recorded 1998
Genre Pop-rock, hard rock, pop, blues, soul, dance
Length 59:54
Language Greek
Label Minos EMI
Producer Vangelis Yannopoulos
Sakis Rouvas chronology
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(1996)Tora Arhizoun Ta Dyskola1996
Kati Apo Mena
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Singles from Kati Apo Mena
  1. "Theleis I Den Theleis"
  2. "I Kardia Mou"
  3. "Den Ehi Sidera I Kardia Sou"
  4. "Ipirhes Panda"

Kati Apo Mena (Greek: Κάτι Από ΄Μένα; English: Something From Me) is the sixth studio album by Greek singer Sakis Rouvas, released on 3 December 1998. The album is largely written by Giorgos Theofanous. This was Rouvas' first album with Minos EMI group and gained success, becoming gold two months after its release.[1]

Album information[edit]

Producers and collaborators[edit]

This was Rouvas' first album produced entirely by Vangelis Yannopoulos. It was also the first Rouvas' album released by Minos-Emi. Music was almost entirely written by composer Giorgos Theofanous. Folk-rock singer Stelios Rokkos also contributed four tracks to the album while Vangelis Konstantinidis also penned several tracks, as well as Natalia Germanou and Nikos Gritsis.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "I Kardia Mou" (My Heart) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 4:10
2. "Sto Soma Sou" (On Top of Your Body) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 4:19
3. "Mono Ego S'agapo" (Only I Love You) Stelios Rokkos Stelios Rokkos 3:12
4. "Ta Aspra Triandafylla" (White Roses) Natalia Germanou Giorgos Theofanous 3:58
5. "O Tropos Pou Kitazi" (The Way She Stares) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 3:48
6. "Theleis I Den Theleis" (Do You Want To Or Not) Vangelis Konstantinidis Giorgos Theofanous 3:35
7. "Den Ehi Sidera I Kardia Sou" (Your Heart Does Not Have Metal Rails) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 4:06
8. "Meta Apo Sena To Chaos" (After You The Chaos) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 4:02
9. "Ipirhes Panda" (You Were Always There) Vangelis Konstantinidis Giorgos Theofanous 3:51
10. "Mono Ego" (Only Me) Vangelis Konstantinidis Giorgos Theofanous 4:02
11. "Me Pio Dikeoma" (With What Right) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 3:59
12. "Arketa" (Enough) Natalia Germanou Giorgos Theofanous 3:41
13. "Poso Thelo, Na 'Xeres" (How I Want You To Know) Vangelis Konstantinidis Giorgos Theofanous 4:35
14. "Tha Mou Pari Kero" (It Will Take Me Some Time) Stelios Rokkos Stelios Rokkos 4:05
15. "Den Ftais Esy" (It's Not Your Fault) Stelios Rokkos / Nikos Gritsis Stelios Rokkos 4:11
16. "Den Tha 'Me Ego Eki" (I Won't Be There) Stelios Rokkos Stelios Rokkos 3:42

Release history[edit]

Country Date
Cyprus 3 December 1998


"Theleis I Den Theleis"
The only CD single from the album : it was released in late May 1998 along with three other songs that appeared on the album.

"I Kardia Mou"
The leading single from the album, released in December.

"Den Ehi Sidera I Kardia Sou"

The third single from the album was released in early 1999.

"Ipirhes Panda"
The final single from the album, released in Spring 1999.

Music videos[edit]

Four of the songs from the album were made into videos:

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