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Kati Kovács
Kati Kovács when she received the Kossuth Prize in the Parliament on March 14, 2014
Kati Kovács when she received the Kossuth Prize in the Parliament on March 14, 2014
Background information
Birth nameKatalin Anna Sarolta Kovács
Born (1944-10-25) 25 October 1944 (age 79)
Verpelét, Hungary
GenresJazz, Rock, Pop
Years active1962–present
LabelsHungaroton, Amiga, Eurovoice

Kati Kovács (born Katalin Anna Sarolta Kovács 25 October 1944), is a Ferenc Liszt and Kossuth Award-winning Hungarian pop-rock singer, performer, lyricist and actress.

She is one of the most famous singers of Hungary with dozens of recorded albums, awards and presentations in Hungary and abroad, and with international recognition and a very active career until today.

Kovacs is known for her raspy and very strong mezzo-soprano singing voice which received wide praise from Hungarian music critics who have called her: "The Best Female Voice of Hungary".[1] She can sing opera, rock, jazz, pop, dance, blues and rock and roll.


Kati Kovács – 1960s

She appeared first time on stage in 1962. She became the first famous nationally in 1965 when she won the seminal TV talent show in Hungary "Ki mit tud?". A year later, she achieved some even greater successes with her performance of the song I Won't Be Your Plaything (Nem leszek a játékszered) which won the TV Dance Song Festivals in Hungary in 1966.

In 1968 she played the leading roles in some films, for example The Girl.

The psychedelic spiritual Lord Send Us Rain (Add már, uram, az esőt!) won the Hungarian Dance Song Festival and the German Song Contest in 1972.

She worked with the Hungarian rock band Locomotiv GT on three albums (Kovács Kati & Locomotiv GT, Közel a naphoz and Kati) and a compilation (Rock and Roller).

Kati Kovács – 1970s

In 1974 she won the Castlebar Song Contest in Ireland with the song Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue[2] (Nálad lenni újra jó lenne).

She appeared as a singer in the 1977 Hungarian film Ök ketten (Women), which was directed by Márta Mészáros.

Since 1979 she sang the covers of several disco and hit songs in Hungary originally performed by Donna Summer, Barbra Streisand, Laura Branigan, Madonna, Tanita Tikaram, Sam Brown, Anastacia etc.

Besides singing, Kati Kovács also writes lyrics. One of her best known works which she also performed is the lyrics to Vangelis’ composition 1492: The Conquest of Paradise.

Since 23 October 2009 she works with the psychedelic soul-beat band The Qualitons. They had a very successful concert in Budapest with the singer's rare beat and funk songs. It is said to be Kati's big comeback. In 2010 they are on tour around the country. They were planning a new album together but their connection is lost.

Christina Aguilera's 2010 single "Woohoo" contains a sample from the song Add már, uram, az esőt!.

Sziget Festival (2012)



Year Title Title Label Catalogue Format Type Country Reissue
1970 Suttogva és kiabálva Whispering and Shouting Qualiton SLPX 17411 LP Studio Hungary 2018 CD
1972 Autogram helyett Instead of Autograph Pepita SLPX 17445 LP Studio Hungary 2018 CD[3]
1974 Kovács Kati & Locomotiv GT Kovács Kati & Locomotiv GT Pepita SLPX 17472 LP Studio Hungary 1983 Krém LP, MC
1994 Hungaroton CD, MC
1974 Kati Kovács Kati Kovács Amiga 8 55 359 LP Studio GDR
1975 Intarzia Inlay Pepita SLPX 17495 LP Studio Hungary
1976 Közel a naphoz Close to the Sun Pepita SLPX 17496 LP Studio Hungary 1995 Hungaroton CD, MC
1976 Kati Kati Amiga 8 55 452 LP Studio GDR
1976 Rock and Roller Rock and Roller Pepita MK 7008 MC Compilation Hungary
1977 Csendszóró Silentophone Pepita SLPX 17526 LP, MC Studio Hungary
1978 Kovács Kati / Szörényi Levente / Adamis Anna: Életem lemeze The Record of My Life Pepita SLPX 17553 LP, MC Studio Hungary 1994 Hungaroton CD, MC
1979 Szívemben zengő dal A Song Resounding in My Heart Pepita SLPX 17581 LP, MC Studio Hungary
1980 Kovács Kati Tíz Kati Kovács Ten Pepita SLPX 17630 LP, MC Studio Hungary
1983 Érj utol Catch Me Favorite SLPM 17824 LP, MC Studio Hungary
1985 Szerelmes levél indigóval Love Letter written by Indigo Favorite SLPM 17893 LP, MC Studio Hungary
1985 Álmodik az állatkert Dreaming of the zoo Hungaroton SLPM 14033 LP Studio Hungary
1986 Kívánságműsor Request Programme Favorite SLPM 37030 LP, MC Compilation Hungary
1989 Kell néha egy kis csavargás Must sometimes a little truancy Hungaroton SLPM 17715 LP, MC Studio Hungary
1990 Szólj rám, ha hangosan énekelek Tell Me if I am Singing Too Loud Profil HCD 37348 CD Compilation Hungary 1999 CD, MC
1992 A Kovács Kati The Kati Kovács Hungaroton SLPM 37578 LP, CD, MC Compilation Hungary
1992 Forgószél Whirlwind Craft Records CR 003 CD, MC Studio Hungary
1992 Megtalálsz engem Find me Hangszó Records MK 002 MC Compilation Hungary
1996 Love Game / Vangelis 1492 Love Game / Vangelis 1492 Ka-Ti Bt. KKCD 001 CD, MC Studio Hungary
1997 Különös utakon Particularly Roads Eurovoice KKCD 002 CD Studio Hungary
1999 A magyar tánczene csillagai 2. The Stars of the Hungarian Dance Music Reader's Digest RM-CD9905-02 CD, MC Compilation Hungary
1999 Édesanyámnak szeretettel To My Mother with Love Eurovoice KKCD 003 CD, MC Studio Hungary
2000 Kincses sziget Treasure Island Eurovoice KKCD 004 CD, MC Studio Hungary
2002 Gyere, szeress! Come and Love Me Eurovoice KKCD 005 CD, MC Studio Hungary
2007 Die großen Erfolge Greatest Hits Sony BMG / Amiga 88697073362 CD, MC Compilation Germany
2011 Találkozás egy régi szerelemmel Greatest Hits 1965–1991 Reader's Digest 20229111 4 CD Compilation Hungary
2014 Nem leszek a játékszered Greatest Hits Hungaroton HCD71291 CD Compilation Hungary
2015 Napfényes álom Greatest Hits Reader's Digest GB-CD150119-1-3 3CD Compilation Hungary

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