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Katia Cardenal

Katia Cardenal (born June 19, 1963, in Managua, Nicaragua) is a Nicaraguan singer/songwriter, and a part of the nueva trova movement. Katia and her brother Salvador Cardenal form the Duo Guardabarranco, one of the leading proponents of nueva trova, known for classical songs like Guerrero del amor, Guardabosques, Casa Abierta and Colibri. As a solo artist, Katia Cardenal has released seven albums with the Norwegian label Kirkelig Kulturverksted BRAZOS DE SOL, NAVEGAS POR LAS COSTAS, EN REVESLANDIA, FRAGANCIA, SUEÑO DE UNA NOCHE DE VERANO, VEN A MI CASA ESTA NAVIDAD, MESSE FOR KARI OG OLE (with norwegian choque Skruk, and three with Nicaraguan MOKA Discos. MARIPOSA DE ALAS ROTAS, HOJARASCA y MISA CAMPESINA NICARAGÜENSE.


Katia Cardenal was born in Nicaragua in 1963. She became a fan of popular music at an early age, singing in the chorus at Managua's El Colegio Teresiano chorus. She began to perform in public with her brother, Salvador, when they were just 16. They called themselves the Duo Guardabarranco, after the national bird of Nicaragua. It did not take long for her fresh harmonies, original poetry, and melodic songs to gain popularity. She was not only recognized by people in her country, but also internationally by the supporters of Movimiento de la Nueva Canción Latinoamericana. With only a few years of experience, she began to tour the Americas and Europe. Amidst her other work, Katia also graduated as a musical educator from the Escuela de Música de Managua in 1984. From 1984-94 she worked as a flute and solfa teacher for kids and adolescents in different schools. Since January 1997, she has strengthened her solo career and moved to Europe. She has released nine solo albums, which represented different stages of her career. She has explored new topics and rhythms with musicians from Norway, Nicaragua, Sweden, but has always remained faithful to the songs that inspired her two decades ago. In 2004, she started her own record label called Moka Discos in Nicaragua. Currently, she gives concerts and continues doing her songs, her brother Salvador Cardenal’s songs, and those of other Hispanic and Scandinavian composers. She luces in Nicaragua. During her career she has performed in the United States, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Russia, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Luxemburgo, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, England, Panama, Austria, Colombia, and is constantly touring with her daughter Nina Cardenal who plays The Guitar with Katia since 2008.

Singer Katia Cardenal from Nicaragua and her daughter at Guatemala's Trovajazz Club in August 2013


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