Road Rules: The Quest

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Road Rules: The Quest
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 16
Original network MTV
Original release July 9 (2001-07-09) – October 29, 2001 (2001-10-29)
Season chronology

Road Rules: The Quest is the tenth season of the MTV reality television series Road Rules. It first aired on MTV in 2001, and featured six strangers chosen to compete in missions, while living in a RV. In this particular season, the contestants drove their RV to missions in Morocco and Spain. The season also was the first to have a rule where the cast would potentially have to vote a cast member off if the cast failed to meet a certain set of rules pertaining to successful missions completed.

This season of Road Rules was the first and only season to be preceded by a casting special in which 27[1] potential cast members for The Real World and Road Rules spent time together for a week to see how they interacted to be selected for one of the two shows.


Name Age1 Location
Adam Larson 22 Wickford, RI
Blair Herter 20 Scott, LA
Ellen Cho 23 Iowa City, IA
Jisela Delgado 20 Tampa, FL
Sophia Pasquis 23 Elmont, NY
Steve Meinke 23 Leavenworth, KS
Katie Doyle 21 Keller, TX
  • ^Note 1 : At time of filming.
  • This was the first season in which the Road Rules team had to vote off a contestant and to have a replacement, as punishment for losing two missions. Jisela was voted out and Katie took her place.


# Mission Result Crest Notes
1 Climb Down Helicopter Ladder/Cross Dessert Failed Determination Recovered in an unaired bonus mission
2 Snake Charming Completed Patience
3-4 Mission Involving Fire Completed Faith Mission Not Aired
3-4 Mission Involving Kara Prison Completed Valor Mission Not Aired
5 Complete an Eco Challenge Course Failed Endurance Jisela voted out; Katie replaces her
6 Fly Through Fire Completed Courage Endurance also gained via Katie's arrival
7 Take Part in Spain's "Human Tower" Completed Trust
8 Retrieve Crest from Guarded Tower Completed Teamwork
9 Bungee Jump with Strangers Combined Age of 300 Completed Ingenuity
10 Take Part in Army Training Completed Perseverance


No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
1 139 "Quest for the Crest" July 9, 2001 (2001-07-09)
2 140 "Snakes, Snakes Everywhere" July 16, 2001 (2001-07-16)
3 141 "Sex, Camels, and Deliveries" July 23, 2001 (2001-07-23)
4 142 "Falling Head over Heals" July 30, 2001 (2001-07-30)
5 143 "Hanging by a Line" August 6, 2001 (2001-08-06)
6 144 "One by the Wayside" August 13, 2001 (2001-08-13)
7 145 "Enter the Katie" August 20, 2001 (2001-08-20)
8 146 "Just Eat Cake" September 3, 2001 (2001-09-03)
9 147 "Up a Slick Pole" September 10, 2001 (2001-09-10)
10 148 "Swimming in the Dating Pool" September 17, 2001 (2001-09-17)
11 149 "Jumping with the Jones" September 24, 2001 (2001-09-24)
12 150 "Hanging by a Line" October 1, 2001 (2001-10-01)
13 151 "Pigeons and Quitters" October 8, 2001 (2001-10-08)
14 152 "Desert Dueling" October 15, 2001 (2001-10-15)
15 153 "Unfair Warfare" October 22, 2001 (2001-10-22)
16 154 "Sad Goodbyes" October 29, 2001 (2001-10-29)

After filming[edit]

Subsequent Challenges[edit]

  • This was the first season of Road Rules whose entire cast has at one time or another competed in MTV's spin-off reality series The Challenge.
Cast Member Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Adam Larson Battle of the Seasons, The Gauntlet, The Gauntlet 2 The Gauntlet $25,555
Blair Herter Battle of the Sexes None $0
Ellen Cho Battle of the Sexes None $0
Jisela Delgado Battle of the Seasons, Battle of the Sexes, The Gauntlet 2 None $0
Sophia Pasquis Battle of the Sexes 2 None $0
Steve Meinke The Gauntlet None $0
Katie Doyle The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Gauntlet 2, Fresh Meat, The Gauntlet III, The Duel II, The Ruins, Cutthroat The Inferno $41,071
  • Challenge in bold indicates that the contestant was a finalist on The Challenge.

Future appearances[edit]

Adam returned to the series as part of the alumni cast of Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge.


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