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Katie Kazoo is the title character in a series of books, Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo, written by author Nancy E. Krulik and published by the Penguin Group. Katie is often visited by the "magic wind", which turns her into other people and animals. She often makes the situation worse for the person she has switcherooed into.


Katie Carew, nicknamed Katie Kazoo by George Brennan, had no idea what would happen when she wished that she could be anyone but herself. But now her wish has come true, and-switcheroo!-she keeps turning into other people and even animals! Katie Kazoo, is a third to fourth grader in the series of novels by Nancy E. Krulik, illustrated by John & Wendy.

Katie Carew is your typical puppy loving, pizza eating, camp going, jump rope playing fourth grade girl. Katie's adventures with the magic wind started last year when she was in third grade. She'd had a terrible day. First she'd lost the football game for her team. She'd gotten mud all over her favorite jeans, and burped really loud in front of her whole class, so she wished she could be anybody but herself that night. Apparently, there was a shooting star because her wish came true in the form of the magic wind. Now, when the magic wind strikes, Switcheroo! Katie is turned into another person or animal, and usually causes trouble for whoever it is she has turned into. Katie has red hair, green eyes and freckles.

George Brennan is the boy who gave Katie her nickname. He is also the funniest kid in 4th grade because of his jokes. He loves to criticize Suzanne. He criticized Katie in the 1st book but they got along during the end. He is slightly chubby with brown hair. Katie turns into George in "Gotcha! Gotcha Back!".

Suzanne Lock is Katie's best friend who loves fashion. Suzanne loves attention and gets annoyed when someone else has all the attention. Even though she is Katie's best friend, she brags, shows off, and is sometimes mean to Katie. Katie turns into Suzanne twice, once in "Friends for Never" than again in "Vote for Suzanne".

Jeremy Fox is Katie's other best friend, Jeremy is a very good soccer player. But he and Suzanne don't get along without Katie around. Jeremy has curly brown hair and wears glasses. Katie turns into Jeremy in "Girls don't have Cooties".

Emma Weber is Katie's pal who plays the flute in band. She has brown hair and glasses. Katie turns into Emma in "Who's Afraid of Fourth Grade?".

Emma Starvos is another one of Katie's friends. She is a really good ice skater and usually jump ropes with Katie. She is also Greek.

Jessica Haynes is not good friends with Katie but gets along with her.

Kadeem Carter is George's rival. Kadeem and George both think they're the funniest kid in the 4th grade

Becky Stern is rarely mentioned, but is Katie's friend. She is disliked by Suzanne in "Drat! You Copycat!" and even though they get along much better now, Suzanne still seems to dislike her. Becky also has a crush on Jeremy. She has long blonde hair and tan skin. Katie turns into Becky in "Drat! You Copycat!"

Miriam Chan is very sensitive and always criticizes George because she thinks anything he does is disgusting or unacceptable. She's shown to be a good singer in No Biz Like Show Biz. She has black hair and brown eyes. Katie turns into Miriam in "No Biz like Show Biz".

Mandy Banks is Miriam's best friend and is a really fast runner. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Andrew Epstein is Jeremy's friend who is also good at soccer. Mandy has a crush on him.

Kevin Camilleri is a tomato freak and is George's best friend. Like George, he too criticizes Suzanne and agrees with George most of the time. Katie turns into Kevin in "Karate Katie".

Zoe Canter is Katie's friend. Zoe is a very good jump rope holder, and is friends with Miriam and Mandy.

Rosie Moran is a famous child superstar who is friends with Katie and calls her "Katie Kazoo" like George. Rosie is also a little scared of Suzanne because Suzanne usually gets hyper around her. She only appears in 2 books. She is tall with long curly brown hair and is very pretty. Katie turns into Rosie in "Quiet on the Set".

Manny Gonzalez is a rarely seen character. He is often with George and Kevin pulling off pranks. He criticizes Suzanne like they do, too and though it is not hinted he seems to have a crush on Suzanne.


Katie goes to Cherrydale Elementary School. In third grade, her teacher was Mrs.Derkman, who also happened to be her neighbor. Mrs. Derkman is a strict teacher, and most of the kids in her class dislike her, including Katie. Katie turns into Mrs.Derkman in "No Messin with my Lesson!" In fourth grade, she gets a completely different teacher, who is a hippie-like, nature loving man named Mr. Guthrie. Katie turns into Mr.Guthrie in "Flower Power".

Books in the series[edit]

  • Anyone But Me
  • Out to Lunch
  • Oh, Baby!
  • Girls Don't Have Cooties
  • I Hate Rules!
  • Get Lost!
  • Drat! You Copycat!
  • Doggone It!
  • Any Way You Slice It
  • Quiet on the Set!
  • No Messin With My Lesson
  • No Bones About It
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: Who's Afraid of Fourth Grade
  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Laugh!
  • Friends for Never
  • Love Stinks!
  • Bad Rap
  • Write On!
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: A Whirlwind Vacation
  • A Katie Kazoo Christmas: Super Super Special
  • Karate Katie
  • Gotcha! Gotcha Back!
  • Be Nice to Mice
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: Witch Switch
  • I'm game
  • It's Snow Joke
  • Open Wide
  • No Biz Like Show Biz
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: Camp Rules
  • My Pop Is Tops
  • Something's Fishy
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: On Thin Ice
  • Flower Power
  • Free the Worms!
  • Major League Mess-Up
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: Vote for Suzanne!
  • Horsing Around
  • Tip-Top Tappin' Mom!
  • Going Batty (#32)
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: Holly's Jolly Christmas
  • Red, White, And-Achoo!
  • Hair Today,Gone Tomorrow
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: Don't Be Such A Turkey!
  • Three Cheers For... Who?"
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: Going Overboard!
  • Katie Kazoo Super Special: All's Fair

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