Katie Roche

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Katie Roche
Katie Roche poster.jpg
Poster for the 2013 Mint Theater revival
Written byTeresa Deevy
CharactersJo Mahony
Amelia Gregg
Katie Roche
Margaret Drybone
Stanislaus Gregg
Frank Lawlor
Michael Maguire
Date premiered16 March 1936
Place premieredAbbey Theatre, Dublin, Irish Free State
Original languageEnglish
SettingIreland, 1930s

Katie Roche is a 1936 expressionist play by Irish playwright Teresa Deevy.[1][2] It has been staged by the Abbey Theatre eleven times with the most recent revival being in 2017.[3][4][5][6]

Described as a "reputed favourite with amateur dramatic societies and theatre groups" the play has been staged by a broad range of companies, notable amongst these are productions by Radio Éireann[7], Lennox Robinson in the Torch Theatre[8] and New York's Mint Theatre[9].


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