Katinka Andrássy

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Katinka Andrássy
Born September 21, 1892
Tiszadob, Austria-Hungary
Died June 12, 1985(1985-06-12) (aged 92)
Antibes, France
Nationality Hungarian
Spouse(s) Mihály Károlyi
Parent(s) Tivadar Andrássy
Eleonóra Zichy
The native form of this personal name is csíkszentkirályi és krasznahorkai grófnő Andrássy Katinka. This article uses the Western name order.

Countess Katinka (Katalin) Andrássy de Csíkszentkirály et Krasznahorka (September 21, 1892 – June 12, 1985) was a Hungarian noblewoman, longtime wife of Count Mihály Károlyi who served as Prime Minister then President of the First Hungarian Republic after the First World War.

They lived in emigration since 1919. She was called by political opponents as Red Countess after her husband.


Her father was Count Tivadar Andrássy, a politician and painter, eldest son of Prime Minister of Hungary Gyula Andrássy. She had three sisters: Ilona, Borbála and Klára (or Kája).

She married Count Mihály Károlyi (1875–1955) on November 7, 1914 in Budapest. They had three children: Éva, Ádám and Judit.

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