Katla (album)

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Studio album by Ida Maria
Released November 8, 2010 (Norway)[1]
June 7, 2011 (USA)[2]
Recorded Summer 2010
Genre Punk, rock, blues rock
Label Universal, Island Def Jam Records
Producer Butch Walker
Ida Maria chronology
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Katla is the second album by Norwegian singer-songwriter Ida Maria. It was released in Norway in September 2010 and internationally in June 2011.

Album information[edit]

The album was recorded in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, sometime during the Summer of 2010, while the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted, which led Ida Maria to title it Katla. The original edition of the album featured, on its cover, a photo of the volcano taken in 1918. Produced by Butch Walker (Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry), it was considered by Maria as a good opportunity to experiment.[3]

The two advance tracks before the international release were "Bad Karma" and "Cherry Red".[4] In Norway, the first single was "Quite Nice People", which was promoted by a video directed by Stone Elvestad.[5] Additionally, "Bad Karma" was featured in the 2011 film Scream 4. The song was also used by famous internet comedian Shane Dawson in his short horror/comedy film entitled Friends 4 Ever.[6]

The track "10,000 Lovers" is partially sung in Ida Maria's native Norwegian and, therefore, marks the first time the singer does so in an official release.


The original cover of the album is the photo of the 1918 eruption of the Katla Volcano. The included album booklet includes also artwork for every song in the album, the included artwork for "Bad Karma" was as well used for the single release. There's an extra photo which although unmarked, can stand as the artwork for "Gallery". The back cover of the album does not include "Gallery" in the track list.

For the US release, all artwork was printed on red tones instead of their original colors. It featured the "Bad Karma" artwork as the album's cover, the volcano photo was used as the song's artwork instead. New artwork for "Cherry Red" and "Devil" was included and there is no artwork for "Gallery" in this edition, although the song is in the back cover's track list.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Quite Nice People"   Ida Maria Butch Walker, Ida Maria 3:22
2. "Bad Karma"   Ida Maria, Stefan Törnby, Desmond Child Butch Walker 2:55
3. "10,000 Lovers"   Ida Maria, Butch Walker, Stefan Törnby Butch Walker 3:04
4. "Cherry Red"   Ida Maria, Butch Walker, Stefan Törnby Butch Walker 2:50
5. "Let's Leave"   Ida Maria, Butch Walker, Stefan Törnby Butch Walker 2:54
6. "I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast"   Ida Maria, Stefan Törnby Butch Walker 3:32
7. "Devil"   Ida Maria, Stefan Törnby Butch Walker, Ida Maria 9:47
8. "My Shoes"   Ida Maria Butch Walker, Ida Maria 3:57
9. "Gallery (Bonus Track)"   Ida Maria Butch Walker, Ida Maria 2:15