Katnip Kollege

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Katnip Kollege
Merrie Melodies series
Directed by Cal Dalton
Cal Howard
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
(un-credited on 1945 release)
Story by Dave Monahan
Voices by Johnnie Davis (Johnny Cat)
Poley McClintock
(Frog Voiced Vocal)
George MacFarland (Professor Jones)
Mabel Todd (Kitty Bright)
Mel Blanc (Additional Voices)
Cliff Nazarro (Additional)
Dave Weber (Additional)
Animation by Joe D'Igalo
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s)
  • June 11, 1938 (1938-06-11) (Original)

July 21, 1945
(Blue Ribbon Re-Issue)
Color process Technicolor
Running time 7 minutes (one-reel)
Language English

Katnip Kollege is a 1938 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Cal Howard and Cal Dalton.


In the "Swingology" classroom at Katnip Kollege, the professor (a parody of Kay Kyser) requires each student to sing his lessons to a jazz rhythm. Johnny Cat just doesn't have it, so the professor forces him to wear the dunce cap. Kitty Bright returns his fraternity ring as she leaves the room, telling him to call her when he learns how to swing.

Later that night, as all the other cats jam at an outdoor caterwaul, Johnny is suddenly inspired by the rhythm of a cuckoo clock. He runs to join the group and shocks everyone with a flawlessly jazzy rendition of "Easy as Rollin' Off a Log" sung (and trumpeted) to Kitty. At the end of the song the two cats fall into each other's arms, "rolling" off the log they were using as their stage.


The music in the short is pieced together from a number of contemporary Warner Brothers features. The featured song, "Easy as Rollin' Off a Log", is written by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl and sung by Johnnie Davis and Mabel Todd in the 1937 film Over the Goal. Other songs used include "You're an Education" by Al Dubin and Harry Warren which was written for, but never used in Warner Brothers' 1938 feature film Gold Diggers in Paris and the Richard A. Whiting/Johnny Mercer song "We're Working our Way through College" from Warner Brothers' 1937 feature Varsity Show. Carl Stalling supervised the music soundtrack.


Since the original titles are considered lost, all these versions are the Blue Ribbon reissue from 1945. Some of the original titles have shown up only as "still photos" on some websites dedicated to classic cartoons.