Katonah Museum of Art

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Katonah Museum of Art
LocationKatonah, New York
Coordinates41°15′46″N 73°40′24″W / 41.2628°N 73.6733°W / 41.2628; -73.6733
DirectorDarsie Alexander

The Katonah Museum of Art is a non-collecting institution geared towards visual arts, located in Katonah, New York. The museum presents changing exhibitions that cross a spectrum of artistic disciplines, cultures, and historical periods. With each exhibition, artists, curators, and other specialists present art through programs, lectures, and workshops designed for visitors of all ages. The Museum's Learning Center uses a visual and interactive environment that encourages children and their parents to participate in hands-on projects. The Katonah Museum also offers outdoor concerts, evening cocktail parties, international travels, and trips to other museums and private collections.

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