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Katovice, is a small town in Strakonice District in the South Bohemian Region, in the Czech Republic.

The village is located 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) to the west of the town of Strakonice, and it is 412 meters (1351 feet) above the sea level. It is situated in the center of the former Prachens region, on 61st kilometer of Otava river. Katovická hora (sometimes called "Kněží hora") is a hill, 2 km from the town. On the top of Katovická hora, there used to be a great Slavic hillfort. The first known reference to Katovice is in a historical document from 1318. In 2016, Katovice had a population of 1355 .


Statue of Mister Jan Hus in Katovice square.

The population of Katovice has been slightly over 1,000 inhabitants for more than 40 years. On December 31, 1974 there lived 1,752 people, which is the highest number of inhabitants in modern history. In 2016 there lived 1355 people containing 667 males and 688 females. The average age was 42,0 years.

Brief history[edit]

Accordign to a book of Jiří Andreska, the area where Katovice are located these days, there used to lead the salt trail in 1st century BC. First people who settled in Kněží hora were Celts in 8th century AD. At the Kněží hora they founded a great Slavic settlement which is recognizable to today. 10th and 11th century was fairly important for its history as gold-washing started being popular in Otava river in Katovice and many gold hunters settled at the banks of Otava river. The first written record of Katovice is dated back to 1045. Since then Katovice were mainly an agricultural village. In 1867, emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and King of Bohemia - Franz Joseph I of Austria, built the first railroad which serves till today. Since 1902 until 1922, graphite was extracted from the steep hills of Kněží hora. Before the end of World War II., April 20, 1945, American fighting jets attacked a train carrying concentration camp prisoners that stopped at local railway station. More than 200 prisoners managed to run away. However, few of them were consequently tracked down by the SS men and killed instantly.



Two schools are locates in the area of Katovice. They are situated close to each other. They are kindergarten for kids aged 3–6 and elementary school for children aged 6–15.


The center of culture life in Katovice is local cultural house at the Husovo square where various concerts, balls, exhibitions or parties are held. Every year there are many cultural events offering fun for all generations. For instance annual funfair with adrenaline attractions, "Katovické vinohraní" - tasting of Moravian wine while listening to live cymbalo music, run race, open-air cinema in parish office or ceremonial Christmas tree enlighting.


In Katovice everybody can find its favorite activity to do. Therefore, many sports possibilities are offered. Most significant sport for Katovice is football.

Football (soccer)[edit]

Football team SK Otava Katovice consists of 2 men adult teams and several youth and child squads. The men's A team participates in South Bohemian Regional Championship. Their historical best is ending as runners-up in this competition, which has happened already twice - in 1991/92 season and in 2015/16 season.

Ice hockey[edit]

The ice hockey team HC Sokol Katovice plays its home matches in Strakonice's ice hockey stadium. In 21st century they play the lowest local league.

Other ball games[edit]

If you are fan of ball games, in Katovice you can join many various sports. There are two courts for tennis (with clay and tartan surface), you can play volleyball in men's and women's local teams.

Famous people[edit]

Josef Jílek (October 19, 1909 - April 20, 1945) was a catholic priest that stayed in Katovice form 1936 to 1942. During World War II. he entered anti-Nazi revolt with nickname "Jouzínek". He falsified birth certificates and other important documents. He was imprisoned on August 5, 1942 and decapitated three years later.

Plk. Ing. Karel Kuncipál (1926 - 2007) was a mayor of Katovice since 1981 till 1986 and a chronicler of Katovice since 1966 until his death. His chronicle was many times awarded. He wrote few books about Katovice, such as "A věky jdou", "U nás doma", "Báje a pověsti od Otavy" etc.

Mayors of Katovice[edit]

List of mayors and vice-mayors of Katovice since 1990:

Beginning of mandate End of mandate Mayor Vice-mayor
24. 11. 1990 24. 12. 1993 Karel Hejduk
19. 1. 1994 19. 11. 1994 František Kropáček
19. 11. 1994 27. 11. 1998 Václav Veselka František Fábera

Jiřina Karasová

27. 11. 1998 16. 11. 2006 Tomáš Hajdušek Karel Němeček
16. 11. 2006 7. 11. 2014 Karel Karas Miroslav Kolářík
7. 11. 2014 Šárka Němečková Jindřich Zdráhal

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