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Origin Tampere, Finland
Genres symphonic metal, gothic metal
Years active 2006 (2006)–present
Labels Edel, Napalm
Associated acts Lovex
Website http://www.katra.fi/
Members Katra Solopuro
Kristian Kangasniemi
Johannes Tolonen
Teemu Mätäsjärvi
Matti Auerkallio
Past members Jani Wilund
Tom "Tomma" Gardiner
Jaakko Järvensivu

Katra is a Finnish symphonic metal band founded by vocalist Katra Solopuro (fi).

Member Biographies[edit]

Katra Solopuro[edit]

Katra Anniina Solopuro (born 10 August 1984 in Tampere) has been studying piano since the age of 6. At 14 she switched to voice lessons. Today she studies singing and theatre music in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. She also has a background in dance and gymnastics. She has a daughter, Illusia, whose father is Risto Katajisto, the guitarist of Lovex. In her former bands, Lovex and Essentia, she played keyboard and sang background vocals. She is also the vocalist for Coverstone.

Other Members[edit]

Other current members of Katra include guitarist Kristian Kangasniemi (Sonicmind), bassist Johannes Tolonen (Manzana (fi), When the Empire Falls (fi), Plain Fade, Alcoholica), drummer Matti Auerkallio (Avenie, Soulfallen (de), Duality, Animal House, Mistreaters and Four Hoarsemen), and guitarist Teemu Mätäsjärvi (Alcoholica).


"Sahara" single (2006) and Katra (2007)[edit]

Solopuro released a single "Sahara" in September 2006. Then she formed the band Katra and published the self-titled album Katra through Edel Records in Spring 2007. The "Sahara" single received lots of radio play and while on tour, the band started writing new material. Katra also released a single that included the songs "Tietäjä" and "Vaaratar".

Napalm Records signing and Beast Within (2008)[edit]

In November 2007 it was announced that Napalm Records signed Katra and asked for an international version of their 2007 album Katra. The band re-recorded the 2007 album Katra in English, along with two new songs and named the English language release Beast Within. The album was produced by Risto Asikainen (Stratovarious) at Jean Records Studio. Beast Within was published in late August/early September 2008. The band played a couple of gigs in Germany, including Summer Breeze Open Air 2009 and received a good response. Katra also released a video for the title track "Beast Within". On June 19, 2010 Katra opened for Theatre of Tragedy at Circo Volador in Mexico, a career highlight for all of the members.

Out of the Ashes (2010)[edit]

Out of the Ashes was released in October 2010 internationally through Napalm Records and in Finland through Bullhead Music. Although it is their third album, Katra considers it their first creation as a band. A video was released for the song "One Wish Away" that features an appearance by Flamma, the biggest and most versatile fire performance group in Finland. The German magazine Orkus reviewed it as darker, more melancholic and more determined than the previous album.[1]

New album announcement, and work with Feridea (2015)[edit]

On January 10, 2015, Katra Solopouro announced via her Facebook account that she entered to studio to record a new album, in order to be released in the next spring[2] However, as of April 2018, no album was released by the band Katra.[3][4] Katra Solopuro has released the EP Into A Dawn with the band Feridea in March 2015.[5]

Press and honors[edit]

Katra have been featured in Germany's Orkus magazine,[1][6] where they won "Best International Newcomer" in the 2009 fan poll, and China's X music magazine. Katra have also been nominated in the "Best Atmospheric/Symphonic Metal" category for the album Beast Within on the Estonian webzine Metal Storm.


Current members
  • 2006: Katra Solopuro – vocals
  • 2006: Kristian Kangasniemi – guitar
  • 2006: Johannes Tolonen – bass
  • 2009: Teemu Mätäsjärvi – guitar
  • 2009: Matti Auerkallio – drums
Former musicians
  • 2006: Jani Wilund – keyboards
  • 2006: Tom "Tomma" Gardiner – guitar
  • 2006-2009: Jaakko Järvensivu – drums
Tour musicians
  • 2008: Teemu Mätäsjärvi – guitar


Studio albums[edit]


Music videos[edit]


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