Katrina Patchett

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Katrina Patchett
Katrina Patchett.jpg
Born (1986-12-12) 12 December 1986 (age 33)
OccupationBallroom dancer
Parent(s)Julie Patchett

Katrina Patchett (born 12 December 1986) is a professional ballroom dancer from Perth, Western Australia.

Early life[edit]

She has been dancing since the age of three and competing since the age of seven.[citation needed] She was brought up in her mother (Julie Patchett)'s dance studio in Perth, Western Australia, daughter of two internationally successful ballroom dancers[who?] who reached seventh in the world. At age thirteen she became a Western Australian State Champion.[1]


Patchett moved to Europe at the age of 16,[2] living, training and working in Denmark (partnering with Joachim Dahlström) before moving to France, at 19, to partner with the former winner of The Dancing Show, Maxime Dereymez.[2] Together in 2007, they became the French national champions.[3][self-published source?] The couple also reached fourth place at the IDSF Open in 2007.[4] After three years in France, Patchett moved to Slovenia to dance with Blaz Pocajt and compete in the professional category[5] at the age of 22. Towards the end of 2010, Dereymez and Patchett decided to renew their partnership. They both competed on TF1's Danse avec les stars.[2] Patchett won the first season of Danse avec les stars with her partner French singer/songwriter, Matt Pokora, on 19 March 2011.[2]

Patchett speaks French, and lives in Paris.[6]

Danse avec les stars[edit]

Celebrity partners[edit]

Season Partner Place
1 M. Pokora 1st
2 Cédric Pioline 9th
3 Bastian Baker 7th
4 Brahim Zaibat 2nd
5 Brian Joubert 3rd
6 Vincent Niclo 7th
7 Olivier Minne 11th
8 Vincent Cerutti 10th
9 Basile Boli 7th
10 Moundir Zoughari 9th


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