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Kattankudy-The Kattankudy Times-03.jpg
Kattankudy is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 7°40′52″N 81°43′34″E / 7.68111°N 81.72611°E / 7.68111; 81.72611
Country Sri Lanka
Province Eastern
District Batticaloa
DS Division Kattankudy
Postal Code 30100
 • Type Urban Council
Population (2014)
 • Total 47,603
Demonym(s) Qahtan
Time zone Sri Lanka Standard Time Zone (UTC+5:30)
Website kattankudy.uc.gov.lk

Kattankudy (Tamil: காத்தான்குடி Kaththankudi; Sinhalese: කාත්තාන්කුඩි Kathtankudiye) is a one hundred percent Muslim populated township in Sri Lanka located along its eastern coastline, about 339 kilometres away from the capital city, Colombo. It is also notable for being the most densely populated city in South Asia.[citation needed] The city's population is denser than in any part of South Asia including Calcutta and the most densely populated Muslim region in the world.[citation needed] In two and a half square kilometers more than 50,000 inhabitants live in the township area of Kattankudy.

The Batticaloa district is divided into 14 Administrative divisions. They are Manmunai North, Manmunai Pattu, and Porativu Pattu, Manmunai West, Eravur Pattu, Karalai Pattu, Koralai Pattu West, Kattankudy, Manmunai South, & Eruvil Pattu, Manmunai South West, Eravur Town, Koralai Pattu Central, Koralai Pattu North.

The Population of the divisions is 13344 families 23967 males and 24907 Females.

Most of the people engaged Business, Industries and fisheries sector are occupied the second and third place respectively. Especially in the South East Asian Countries.

The division of Kattankudy Occupies the central part of the district .it covers land area of Approximately 2.56 Square Km and of Inland water 1.33 Square Km the division account for 0.15%of the district Total Land area.

The History name of this Village is called as Kattankudy so that a Business man who named by "kahthan" from Arabia got married a woman and lived in this village.[citation needed]


North : Manmunai North Divisional secretariat.

East : Bay of Bengal (Sea).

South : Manmunaipattu Divisional Secretariat.

West : Batticaloa Lagoon.

GS Divisions and Population (2014)[edit]

GS Number Area Total Families Population
162 Kattankudy-6 922 3049
162A Kattankudy-6 South 921 3218
162B Kattankudy-6 West 622 2121
164 Kattankudy-4 376 1295
164A Kattankudy-5 631 2195
164B Kattankudy-5 South 303 982
164C Kattankudy-5 West 440 1532
165 Kattankudy-3 458 1387
165A Kattankudy-3 West 318 955
165B Kattankudy-3 East 421 1422
166 Kattankudy-2 671 2345
166A Kattankudy-2 North 777 2685
167 Kattankudy-1 353 1178
167A New Kattankudy North 1624 5429
167B New Kattankudy East 2016 7847
167C New Kattankudy South 1567 5485
167D New Kattankudy West 697 2429
167E Kattankudy-1 South 641 2052

Source: http://www.kattankudy.ds.gov.lk

Kattankudy Mosque Massacre[edit]

Kattankudy Mosque Massacre was the killing of over 147 Muslim men and boys in a Mosque in Kattankudy by LTTE cadres on August 3, 1990. It took place when around 30 Tamil rebels raided four mosques in the town of Kattankudy, where over 300 people were prostrating in Isha prayers.

The attack is widely attributed to LTTE, who denied their involvement in the massacre, and have never retracted that denial.

Initial report put the death toll at around 100, but as many of the injured who were rushed to hospital succumbed to their injuries, the final death toll rose to over 147.

Tsunami 2004[edit]

Tsunami hit Kattankudy on 26 December, Around 108 Muslim persons died in Kattankudy and 93 persons are still enlisted as missing. Around 2500 houses were damaged by the tsunami in Kattankudy

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Coordinates: 7°40′52″N 81°43′34″E / 7.68111°N 81.72611°E / 7.68111; 81.72611