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(formerly: Hundalen)
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LocationNarvik, Nordland
Coordinates68°23′52″N 17°57′57″E / 68.3977°N 17.9659°E / 68.3977; 17.9659Coordinates: 68°23′52″N 17°57′57″E / 68.3977°N 17.9659°E / 68.3977; 17.9659
Elevation373.5 metres (1,225 ft) above sea level
Owned byJernbaneverket
Operated bySJ and Malmtrafik
Line(s)Ofoten Line
Distance29.73 kilometres (18.47 mi)
Other information
Station codeKAT

Katterat Station (Norwegian: Katterat stasjon) is a railway station in the municipality of Narvik in Nordland county, Norway. The station is located along the Ofotbanen railway line, between Rombak Station and Søsterbekk Station.


Katterat Station

The station was built in 1902 and it was originally called Hundalen. In 1951, the station was renamed Katterat. There is no road to Katterat station, the only arrival is by train or by foot. Until the operation of the track was remotely controlled in the 1960s, there was a small, permanent settlement on site. Today the area is popular for hiking providing cabins and several hiking trails starting at Katterat Station.[1][2]


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