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Katzenjammer German pronunciation: [ˈkaʦənˌjamɐ] is a German word literally meaning "cat's wail" (caterwaul) and hence "discordant sound", sometimes used to indicate a general state of depression or bewilderment. It has also been used as a term for a hangover, with the sufferer's groans of discomfort being humorously likened to a wailing cat.

It may refer to:

In music
  • Worbey & Farrell, previously known as Katzenjammer, a British piano musical comedy duo
  • Katzenjammer (band), a Norwegian pop/folk band
  • Katzenjammer Kabarett, a French dark cabaret/deathrock band
  • "Katzenjammer", a song by Kyuss on the album Wretch. "Katzenjammer" was also the first name used by that band in the 1987–1989 era, before being called "Sons of Kyuss", and then, Kyuss.
  • "Katzenjammer", a song by Big Talk on their debut album Big Talk
  • Fred Katz and his Jammers, a 1959 jazz cello allbum
Other uses