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Buildings in Kau Wa Keng

Kau Wa Keng (Chinese: 九華徑), or Kau Wa Kang, is a village and valley in Lai King, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is located near the reclaimed Lai Chi Kok Bay in New Kowloon. Three rivers in the valley once joined at the bay and formed a beach at the estuary. Kau Wah Keng is the former site of Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park, which was closed in 1997.

The village of Kau Wa Keng is built on the eastern side of valley with cultivation besides the rivers. An ancestral hall and the Yeung Ching School (養正學校) are located in the village. It was formerly known as Kau Pa Keng (狗爬徑), which means dog climbing path. It was later renamed to the current Kau Wa Keng, (literally, "Ninth beautiful path"). A new village Kau Wa Keng San Tsuen (九華徑新村) is located on the western side of the valley and was built following an influx of immigrants from mainland China after World War II, and during and after Chinese Civil War.[citation needed]

Before the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in 1941, the village was one of hiding place for many Chinese writers who had fled the mainland.

Although the valley is closer to suburbs of Cheung Sha Wan, namely the community of Lai Chi Kok and Mei Foo, it traditionally and administratively belongs to Kwai Chung.

Lai King Hill Road, a road following the former shore line of Kau Wa King, is the main road connecting the area to Kwai Chung and Lai Chi Kok.

Coordinates: 22°20′37″N 114°08′18″E / 22.34373°N 114.13833°E / 22.34373; 114.13833