Kauhaneva–Pohjankangas National Park

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National Park (Kauhanevan–Pohjankankaan
Protected area
Kauhaneva bog
Country Finland
Region Southern Ostrobothnia, Satakunta
Coordinates 62°10′45″N 22°24′23″E / 62.17917°N 22.40639°E / 62.17917; 22.40639Coordinates: 62°10′45″N 22°24′23″E / 62.17917°N 22.40639°E / 62.17917; 22.40639
Area 57 km2 (22 sq mi)
Established 1982
Management Metsähallitus
Visitation 6,300 (2015[1])
IUCN category II - National Park
Kauhaneva–Pohjankangas National Park is located in Finland
Kauhaneva–Pohjankangas National Park
Location in Finland
Website: www.outdoors.fi/kauhaneva-pohjankangasnp

Kauhaneva–Pohjankangas National Park (Finnish: Kauhanevan–Pohjankankaan kansallispuisto) is a national park in the municipalities of Kauhajoki and Karvia in the Southern Ostrobothnia and Satakunta regions of Finland. Established in 1982, the park covers 57 square kilometres (22 sq mi). It consists of swamp areas, mainly bogs such as the 16.3-square-kilometre (6.3 sq mi)[2] Kauhaneva bog, scattered around it.

In 2004, the park was included in the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.[3] It is also part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas.[4]


The Kauhaneva bog in a 1981 Finnish stamp designed by Pirkko Vahtero.[5]

The Kauhaneva–Pohjankangas area is part of the south-western region of the Suomenselkä watershed area. The soil is mostly turf and the bedrock is composed of porphyric granite.[4]

The northern parts of Kauhaneva are 170 to 177 metres (558 to 581 ft) above sea level. The southern and western parts are approximately 160 metres (520 ft) above sea level.

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