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Kaunisvaara is a village in northern Sweden, in Pajala Municipality, 100 km north of the Arctic Circle.


There are large magnetite (iron ore) deposits in this area; Northland Resources began constructing the first mine in December 2011.[1][2] Ore production was expected to begin in 2012,[3] with annual iron ore production reaching 12 million tonnes by 2014. Reserves are estimated at 176 million tonnes.[1] The mine went bankrupt in October 2014 because of low iron ore prices and high debts.


In 2009, archaeologists commissioned by Northland Resources found evidence of stone-age settlements, dated to 9300BCE, in the area; this has shed new light on the timeline of deglaciation and human settlement in northern Europe.[4]


Coordinates: 67°23′N 23°21′E / 67.383°N 23.350°E / 67.383; 23.350