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Coordinates: 19°10′3.02″N 73°1′30.03″E / 19.1675056°N 73.0250083°E / 19.1675056; 73.0250083

Kausa is a suburb of Mumbra in Thane District in the state of Maharashtra in India.[1] It is administered by the Thane Municipal Corporation.[2]

In 2002, it was reported that a boy in Kausa was saved from being sacrificed as part of a religious ceremony.[3]


Kausa lies on the Old Mumbai Pune National Highway.[4] It is connected to Navi Mumbai and Thane through buses operated by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport and Thane Municipal Transport respectively.[5] In 2011, the Thane Municipal Corporation announced that it was planning to build a tunnel road to connect Mumbra and Kausa to Navi Mumbai via Airoli.[4]


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