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This article is about the mother of the Hindu god Rama. For the actress, see Kausalya (actress). For the singer, see Kousalya (singer).
Bharata and Satrughna come to console Kausalya.jpg
Bharata and Shatrughna come to console Kausalya
Spouse(s) Dasharatha
Children Rama(son), Shanta(daughter)
Birth Of Four Sons Of Dasharatha

Kausalya(Sanskrit: कौसल्या Kausalyā, Tamil: கோசலை, Thai: Kausuriya, Burmese: Kothalla) in the Indian Ramayana epic was eldest of King Dasharatha's three wives and a queen of Ayodhya; she was daughter of the King of Magadha Kingdom(Kosala) Maharaj Sukaushal and his wife queen Amritaprabha. Dasharath sends a proposal of friendship to her father but he refuses. A war started between the two in which Dasharatha won so Sukaushal has no option left. He agreed for his friendship and married his daughter Kausalya to Dasharatha.

She was mother of Rama, the king of Ayodhya, upon whom the story of the Ramayana is based. Kausalya was the sweetest queen of Dasharath. She praises Sita for accompanying Ram to the forest.

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