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Kava may refer to:


  • Macropiper hooglandii, endemic to Lord Howe Island, is locally known as "Kava".
  • Piper methysticum, commonly known as Kava, can be used to make a drink with sedative and anesthetic properties.


  • KAVA, a radio station licensed in Pueblo, Colorado


  • Kava culture, the cultures of western Oceania which consume kava
  • Kava Kava, a rock band and live dance act from Huddersfield, United Kingdom
  • Kava Kava, a song by a progressive rock band Snovi



  • Kaveh, a mythical figure in Iranian mythology



  • Kavalactone, a class of pharmacological chemicals derived from the kava plant
  • Kavain, a kavalactone

Disambiguation with coffee[edit]

In many languages, the word kava, or very similar variant, means "coffee". Since both these plants are stimulants, it could be confusing to native speakers of these languages.

  • Kava - Croatian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Samogitian
  • Кава (transliterates to Kava) - Belarusian, Rusyn, Ukrainian
  • Káva - Czech, Slovak
  • Kawa - Polish, Kashubian
  • Кафа/Kafa - Serbian